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People - Full Directory

Name Title Email / Phone Office Hours
Anderson, Cynthia Academic Counselor
PDL B102-D
Athreya, Jayadev Professor, Mathematics and Comparative History of Ideas; Director, Washington Experimental Mathematics Lab
Barr, Nicolaas P. Director of Study Abroad; Part-Time Lecturer
PDL B101
By appointment
Bourgette, Alika CLIP Fellow, Graduate Student Instructor
Brown, Elizabeth Program Co-Director, CHID Lyon
Chang, Ellen CHID CLIP Fellow, Graduate Student Instructor
Childs, Mary Part-Time Lecturer PDL B201
Teaching WIN/SPR 2018
Choto, Lenan Outreach Coordinator PDL B-102
By Appointment
Chung Simpson, Caroline Associate Professor
PDL A301
MW, 4:30-6pm, or by appt
Clowes, Erin Brie Legacies of Empires / Umbria Co-Director
Duttchoudhury, Sasha Program Assistant for Mexico Study Abroad
(206) 685-4716
PDL B-101
by appointment
Dwyer, Annie Part-Time Lecturer PDL B102-B
Autumn 2018: Tuesdays 10:30 am-12:30 pm
García, María Elena Associate Professor
(206) 221-0561
PDL B103
By appointment via Zoom
Giebel, Christoph Associate Professor, History and Jackson School of International Studies
Handwerk, Gary Professor, English
PDL A402
Harris, Keith Part-Time Lecturer PDL B102-B/Gould 448E
Teaching Spring 2018
Hazard, July Assistant Teaching Professor PDL B102-B / ACC 15H
PDL: sign up here:, & by appointment. ACC: by appointment.
Heberling, Lydia CLIP Fellow, Graduate Student Instructor
Hoffman, Daniel Associate Professor, Anthropology 243 DEN
Knapp, Caleb Part-Time Lecturer CHID Green Room, Padelford B-102
M 12:30 - 2:20pm
Lang, Sabine Associate Professor, European and International Studies
López Vergara, Sebastián CLIP Fellow, Graduate Student Instructor
Lucero , José Antonio Associate Professor, Jackson School of International Studies and CHID
(206) 616-1643
THO 324
Marin, Ileana Director, Romania, Moldova, and Ukraine Study Abroad
Novetzke, Christian Lee Professor, South Asia Program and Comparative Religion Program, Director of the Center for Global Studies
206 543-6142
427 Thomson Hall
Reddy, Chandan Associate Professor
PDL A313
W/Th 12:30-1:30
Reed, Torie Administrator
(206) 543-7333
PDL B102
M-F 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM
Retman, Sonnet Associate Professor, American Ethnic Studies
(206) 543-0470
PDL A514
By appt
Rivera, Isaac CLIP Fellow, Graduate Student Instructor
Rodriguez Fernandez, Vicente Co-Director Legacies of Empires
Salazar-Zeledón, Carlos CLIP Fellow, Graduate Student Instructor
Smallwood, Stephanie Associate Professor, History
(206) 543-2016
SMI 104A
Smith, Michael Prague Program Co-Director
Sokolova, Vera Prague Program Director, Associate Professor of History and Chair of Gender Studies, Charles University, Prague.
Sollod, Ellen Program Co-Director, CHID Lyon
Taradel, Ruggero Legacies of Empires / Umbria Study Abroad Program Director
Taranath, Anu Teaching Professor
PDL A506
by appointment only
Thurtle, Phillip Professor and Director PDL B102-A
By appointment
Toews, John Professor Emeritus By appointment

Adjunct/Affiliate Faculty

Name Title Email / Phone
Alaniz, José Associate Professor, Slavic Languages and Literatures; Director, Disability Studies Program
(206) 543-7580
Amrute, Sareeta Assistant Professor, Anthropology
Andresen, Third Part-Time Lecturer
Bailkin, Jordanna Professor, History
(206) 543-7342
Bean, Jennifer Associate Professor, Comparative Literature, Cinema and Media
(206) 543-7542
Beckett, Katherine Professor, Sociology and Law, Societies, and Justice
Berridge, Clara Assistant Professor, School of Social Work
Bessner, Daniel Assistant Professor, Jackson School of International Studies
Block, Richard Associate Professor, Germanics
(206) 543-4580
Brown, Pat Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
(206) 616-3714
Brown, Sharan Associate Director, University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities
(206) 685-4010
Calian, Nicole Part-Time Lecturer
Cooper, Tamara Lecturer, Comparative Literature, Cinema and Media
(206) 685-1642
Dennison, Jean Associate Professor, Anthropology
Domke, David Professor and Chair, Department of Communications
(206) 543-2662
Fox, Tyler Lecturer, Human Centered Design & Engineering
Friedman, Kathie Associate Professor, Jackson School of International Studies
Garvens, Ellen Professor and Chair, Photomedia
Geist, Anthony Professor and Chair, Spanish and Portuguese Studies
(206) 543-2022
Goering, Sara Associate Professor, Philosophy
(206) 616-2102
Gonzalez, Sara Assistant Professor, Anthropology
(206) 543-9603
Govindrajan, Radhika Assistant Professor, Anthropology
Groves, Jason Assistant Professor, Germanics
(206) 221-2566
Habell-Pallán, Michelle Associate Professor, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies
(206) 543-6981
Harkins, Gillian Associate Professor, English
Hohensee, Nara Part-Time Lecturer
Johnson, Jason Associate Dean, Undergraduate Academic Affairs
(206) 543-2248
Kale, Sunila Assistant Professor, Jackson School of International Studies
Knopp, Larry Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator, School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, UW Tacoma
Lawson, Victoria Professor, Geography
Mackenzie, Louisa Associate Professor, French and Italian Studies
206 616-5354
Million, Dian Associate Professor, American Indian Studies
Naar, Devin Assistant Professor, History and Jewish Studies
Paz, Dan Lecturer, School of Art, Art History, and Design
Rafael, Vicente Professor, History
(206) 543-5699
Reed, Brian Professor, English
Ribes, David Associate Professor, Human Centered Design & Engineering
619 384-7700
Robles, Jose Francisco Assistant Professor, Spanish
Rodriguez-Silva, Ileana Associate Professor, History
Roesler, Axel Associate Professor, Art (Design)
(206) 685-9053
Searle, Leroy Professor, English & Comparative Literature
(206) 543-6631
Sears, Laurie Professor, History
(206) 543-5745
Smith, Maya Assistant Professor, French
Taylor, Janelle Professor and Chair, Anthropology
Thomas, Lynn Professor and Chair, History
Underwood, Douglas Professor, Communication
(206) 685-9377
Warren, Adam Associate Professor, History
Watts, Richard Associate Professor, French
(206) 543-6241
Weinbaum, Alys Associate Professor, English
(206) 543-7797
Welland, Sasha Associate Professor, Anthropology and GWSS
(206) 221-4725
Woelfle-Erskine, Cleo Assistant Professor, School of Marine and Environmental Affairs
Woiak, Joanne Lecturer, Disability Studies
Woodward, Kathleen Professor, English; Director, Simpson Center for the Humanities
(206) 543-3920
Ybarra, Megan Assistant Professor, Geography
Yee, Shirley Professor, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies
Young, Glennys Professor, History
(206) 685-8192