CHID Study Abroad/Away Scholarships

Through CHID Study Abroad/Away scholarships, CHID aims to diversify the kinds of students who study abroad/away and support those who could not otherwise participate due to financial constraints. Please review the award opportunities for CHID-sponsored study abroad/away programs below.

NOTE: This webpage lists and describes CHID Study Abroad/Away scholarships only. Be sure to check the box in your study abroad application to indicate that you would like to be considered for a UW Study Abroad Scholarship. There is no separate application, and priority is given to WA residents whose FAFSAs or WAFSAs demonstrate financial need. Other scholarship and grant opportunities are located on the UW Study Abroad Scholarships page, and the UW Global Opportunities Adviser (goglobal@uw.eduspecializes in helping students find other resources. Students participating in CHID-sponsored study abroad programs have also been successful in applying for the Gilman International Scholarship and for Opportunity Grants through the UW Stroum Center for Jewish Studies. Other possibilities include the Brenda Brown Passport Scholarship and the First Trip Passport Scholarship.


All currently-enrolled UW undergraduate students are eligible for the CHID MacRae Study Abroad Scholarship.

Students do not need to have been accepted to/confirmed for a CHID study abroad/away program to be considered for a scholarship. Due to the limited availability of funds, students are eligible to receive one CHID Study Abroad/Away Scholarship or award per academic year. 

Recipients of CHID Study Abroad/Away Scholarships must complete the following steps in order to receive their awards:

  1. Participate in a CHID-sponsored study abroad/away program.
  2. Maintain full-time academic standing during the study abroad program: 12 credits per quarter, 6 credits for Summer A- or B-Term, 5 credits during Early Fall.
  3. If you withdraw from the program or do not maintain full-time standing, all scholarship funds must be returned to the University of Washington.

See information under each scholarship/award for additional eligibility details.

Application Deadlines

Applications for the MacRae Study Abroad Scholarship are due once each quarter by midnight on the following dates:

Autumn 2023: November 9

Winter 2024: February 9

Spring 2024: May 9

Funds Disbursement & Conditions

Scholarship funds will be disbursed at the same time that Federal Financial Aid is disbursed for the quarter in which the study abroad/away program takes place. If a student is offered an award/scholarship but does not accept or chooses not to participate in a CHID study abroad/away program, funds will not be disbursed and will instead be provided to a different applicant.

Scholarships for UW Undergraduates

CHID MacRae Study Abroad Scholarship

The MacRae Study Abroad Scholarship provides $400 merit-based scholarships to UW undergraduates who participate in a CHID-sponsored study abroad program and "apply their unique talents, energy, and perspective to the study and informed practice of Peace, Reconciliation, and Non-Violent Conflict Resolution".

How to Apply

By the quarterly deadline listed above, email the following materials as a single PDF to Cynthia Anderson (

  1. Your name, student ID number, and email address.
  2. The name of the CHID study abroad program to which you are applying.
  3. A current unofficial transcript.
  4. Answers to the following questions:
    • How will the classes and/or activities on this program help you to apply your "unique talents, energy, and perspective to the study and informed practice of Peace, Reconciliation, and Non-Violent Conflict Resolution"?
    • How do you imagine this study abroad experience will challenge you?

    Study Abroad/Away Scholarship Questions?

    Contact Cynthia Anderson, CHID Advisor / Padelford B-102C / Box 354300