Study Abroad: How to Apply

Application Procedures for CHID Study Abroad

Step 1: Apply for a program. 

Submit your online application, which is managed by the UW Study Abroad Office. To get started, find your program in their database, or access the application through one of our program pages

Step 2: Interview with the Program Director.

Once the application deadline has passed, the program director will contact you to schedule an interview. Twelve days after the application deadline, you will be notified about whether you have been accepted to the study abroad program.

Step 3: Make sure it counts.

Check with your academic advisor to make sure that the credits you earn on your CHID Study Abroad can apply towards your degree requirements. Your advisor may require you to do a specific type of assignment in addition to or as part of your academic work on the program, and you will need to be prepared for this well before the program begins. If necessary, we can provide your advisor with detailed information about the courses on your program.

Step 4: Commit.

Once you have been accepted, you will receive an email prompting you to log in to the UW Study Abroad site, where you will be asked to either "commit" or "decline" the offer to participate. If you commit, a payment contract will be uploaded to your Study Abroad account. You must electronically sign and upload this contract to the UW Study Abroad Office within three weeks of your official acceptance. No deposit is required, but some of the fees detailed in the contract are binding and non-refundable, so please be sure about your decision before you sign! 

*Changing your mind. It doesn’t cost anything to apply to a CHID Study Abroad program, but the $485 UW Study Abroad Fee is non-refundable. Additionally, except in cases of an approved emergency withdrawal petition, you will be charged a $100 partial CHID Fee. See our fees, financing, and withdrawal information for more details.

Step 5: UW Study Abroad Orientation and pre-departure process.

Upon receipt of your contract, you’ll be required to complete the UW Study Abroad pre-departure process, which includes a mandatory study abroad orientation, verification of insurance, health survey, and other important steps. You’ll receive details on these steps directly from the UW Study Abroad Office.

Step 6: Payments and Health Insurance. 

The program fee, $485 UW Study Abroad fee, and $350 CHID Fee will be due around the third week of the quarter in which you study abroad--the same date that tuition is normally due. For Early Fall programs (Exploration Seminars), these fees are due on the Autumn tuition deadline. All charges will appear on your MyUW account. See our fees, financing, and withdrawal page for information about payments, as well as financial aid and scholarships.

As part of the pre-departure process, you'll also be required to purchase the UW Study Abroad Insurance plan unless you can provide proof of personal insurance that covers expenses arising from emergency evacuation, repatriation of remains, injury, illness, or death while participating in study or research abroad. See the UW Study Abroad Insurance page for more information. 

Step 7: Visa and Travel Arrangements. 

IMPORTANT: Don’t plan any travel until you understand the visa requirements and time limitations for your country of study.

  • Most of our European programs only allow you to stay in Europe for 90 days total within six months – regardless of whether you leave and come back to your country of study. Most of our programs do not issue you a special student visa. Since many of our programs are quarter-long, this means that you will be limited as to the time you have available to travel before and after the program.
  • Make sure you have a passport that will be valid until six months after your program ends. Most airlines will not allow you buy a ticket without a valid passport.
    • US Citizens: information on how to get a new or renewed U.S. passport . It can take months to get a passport, so begin this process now!
    • Non-US passport-holders: you must have a valid passport, and you may need a visa that allows you to enter the country where your program takes place. Check the embassy for your country of study to see what entry requirements apply to you. Begin the visa application process as early as possible.
    • Questions? Need help? Contact us! You are responsible for acquiring any required visas, but we may be able to point you in the right direction and/or provide verification documents for your visa application.
  • Confirm the dates of instruction with the program director. Make sure you arrive in time for classes to start, and make any lodging arrangements you need before the program begins.
  • After you've confirmed your travel limitations, dates, passport, and visa, buy your plane ticket. You may want to buy your ticket along with another student so that you have a travel buddy. Student Universe is a good resource for travel arrangements.

Step 8: Don’t register for classes! 

You do not register for classes for the quarter you will be abroad. The UW Study Abroad Office will register you for "placeholder" courses for the time that you're away, allowing you to maintain your status as a registered student. Don't worry if you see 12 credits instead of 15 on your schedule - this will change after your program ends and your professors submit your grades (if you're on a 15-credit program). See the UW Study Abroad website for more details.

Step 9: Prepare to go abroad!