Study Abroad: Fees, Financing, and Withdrawal

Program Costs and Payments:

If you are accepted into a study abroad program, you will receive an automated email from the UW Study Abroad Office giving you the option to commit to the program and a payment contract for your program.

  • You must electronically sign and upload this contract to your UW Study Abroad account within three weeks of your official acceptance notice. This is a legally-binding document that obliges you to make payments according to the schedule on the contract.
  • The total Program Fee may change up until the point that payment contracts are issued. Before signing your contract, make sure you understand the program costs and payment schedule as stated in the contract. These may differ slightly from the projected budgets on our website. Do not submit this contract until you are confident that you can pay for the program fees and all associated costs!
  • Payments: the Program Fee, as well as an additional, non-refundable $495 UW Study Abroad Fee, is due on approximately the same day that tuition is due for the quarter in which the program takes place. These charges will appear on your MyUW account, just as regular tuition and fees do. Program Fees for Early Fall programs will be assessed in Autumn (after your program).

The CHID Admin Fee

The Program Fee, as listed on our website, includes a $350 CHID Administrative Fee ($375 effective Summer 2024). This fee will be itemized on your payment contract.

Because the CHID Study Abroad Office is not supported by tuition or other state funds, the CHID Administrative Fee is the sole source of funding for all of our activities, including organizing the programs, recruiting participants, assisting faculty, organizing pre-departure and post-return classes and events, working closely with CHID faculty and staff to integrate the programs with our on-campus curriculum, and, of course, providing advice for students.

Other Costs

In addition to the Program Fee and the UW Study Abroad Fee, participants are responsible for additional personal expenses, including (but not limited to):

  • Airfare
  • Vaccinations
  • Meals (some programs include meal plans; check with your Program Director)
  • Visa fees
  • Mobile phone costs
  • Transportation for personal activities

The UW Study Abroad online brochure includes a budget of estimated expenses for your program. Keep in mind that each student has different needs and preferences, and yours will affect your actual budget!

Cost comparison:

It usually does cost more to study abroad than to study here at home (assuming in-state tuition), but the difference is not as great as you might think! Here's a comparison of the projected costs of studying in Seattle versus going on a CHID Study Abroad program to Prague. Keep in mind that costs will vary depending on your destination.

UW Spring 2024 CHID Prague Spring 2024
In-state tuition - $4,215 Program Fees - $6,935 (total)
Room / Board - $5,994 Housing - included
Books - $300 Books & Materials - included
Personal expenses - $836 Food - $1,540
Transportation - $173 Local transportation - included
  Roundtrip Airfare - $1,200
  Passport - $140
  Personal Expenses - $770
  Mandatory Health Insurance - $120
Total - $11,518 Total - $10,705


Withdrawal Costs and Procedures

  • Once you've submitted your contract, the $485 UW Study Abroad fee (due at the beginning of the quarter) will be charged whether or not you attend the program. In addition, you will be charged $100 as a partial CHID Administrative Fee. (Effective for programs Summer 2024 and onward, the full $375 fee will be charged unless an Emergency Withdrawal Petition is officially approved by UW Study Abroad.).
  • You may be responsible for additional costs, depending on when you withdraw. There is a withdrawal schedule on your payment contract. The later you withdraw, the more you must pay. 
  • To withdraw, submit a withdrawal request form to the UW Study Abroad Office. The official withdrawal date will be the date this form is received by the UW Study Abroad Office.
  • You must also notify the CHID Study Abroad Office at of your intent to withdraw.

Financial Planning

Financial Aid

  • Most forms of financial aid can be used on our programs.
  • You should contact the Financial Aid office to verify that your awards apply. Please be aware that awards for Summer quarter require a separate financial aid application (available April 1) and may be more restrictive than during the academic year.
  • Additional aid is available! Because the costs for attending classes abroad are usually higher than studying on campus, Federal Financial Aid recipients are usually eligible for additional financial aid. If you want to apply for additional financial aid during your study abroad, you can do so by submitting a revision request and a budget of student expenses (available from UW Study Abroad) to the Financial Aid office.
  • Washington state GET funds can be used for all of our programs. Click here for details.