Study Abroad Frequently Asked Questions

What is CHID?

  • CHID stands for the Comparative History of Ideas, an interdisciplinary humanities major at UW.
  • Our on-campus and study abroad classes take theoretical ideas from fields like history, philosophy, and sociology and examine how they play out in the real world.

Why study abroad with CHID?

  • Our programs are some of the most affordable at UW.
  • Programs match the UW academic calendar, and the credits you earn look just like regular UW classes.
  • We emphasize interdisciplinarity, experiential learning, cross-cultural awareness, and self-reflexivity.
  • Our study abroad classes are taught by amazing UW faculty and involve a diverse cohort of UW students who travel, live, and study together as a learning community.

What programs does CHID Study Abroad offer?

You can find out about upcoming CHID Study Abroad programs on our Programs page. You can also browse an archive of our past programs.

What if I’m not a CHID major?

Our programs are open to anyone, regardless of major or class standing. You should check with your advisor to make sure the program courses will count towards your degree.

What does the cost include?

  • Costs include housing and in-country travel for program field trips. Other costs vary by program.
  • You do not pay tuition when you're on one of our programs. Instead, you pay a program fee.
  • Some costs, including airfare, are not included, but incrased financial aid is available to cover them. You can find estimated costs for these on each of the program pages.

Is financial aid available?

  • Yes! Most forms of financial aid can be used on our programs. You should contact the Financial aid office to verify that your awards apply. 
  • Come talk to us about what scholarships you could be eligible for!

How and when can I apply?

Applications become available at the beginning of each quarter. Visit our programs page for details on this year's deadlines.

For programs taking place during ... Applications will be due:
Spring Quarter of the following year Fall Quarter
Summer Quarter  Winter Quarter
Early Fall and Autumn Quarter Winter Quarter
Winter Quarter of the following year Spring Quarter

Where can I find out about Visas and Passports?

See Step 7 under How to Apply and the UW Study Abroad page of information.

What else should I plan for?

  • Make sure you understand the travel stay restrictions for your destination country. Most programs don't offer student visas, which means you are limited to a 90-day stay if you travel to Europe! Don't make travel arrangements until you know your time limits.
  • Passports, visas, medical check-ups and other travel prep can take longer than you think. Plan ahead! See our travel prep section for more information on how to prepare to go abroad.
  • For the quarter preceding your program, you may be required to register for a 2-credit pre-departure seminar that will help prepare you for your quarter abroad. You’ll be notified about registration details once you’re accepted to one of our programs.