Senior Theses

CHID’s commitment to project-based learning culminates in the senior thesis, which helps students develop their own interests and increase the depth of their scholarly engagement. The process of arriving at a research question, connecting with UW faculty on shared research interests, performing research, and writing are each integral parts of this capstone experience.

Full Citation People Involved Related Fields
Dunphy, Colin. Reality as a Product of Power Dynamics. 2013. Latin American
Liebowitz, Toby. Being Little: Being Big. 2013. Comics

Passero, Jenny. Narratives of Place: an Exploration of Immigrant Experience and Theory in the United States. 2013.

Social Justice

Keene, Chelsea. Food: How it connects us to our culture, our community, and ourselves. 2012.

Deines, Nathaniel. Huloima A critical history of the representation of Native Americans in the cultural production of Progressive Era Seattle and of myself. 2012. Adviser: Jeanette Bushnell Indigenous
Akins, Laura. Backyard Dinner Plate. 2012. Adviser: David Giles Food
Jimenez, Isaura. Navigating the Borderlands: Difference and Identity in the Classroom. 2012. Education
Gearin, Michaelagh. The Mis-Education of Higher Education A Bio-Political Discourse on Value Shifts in Post-Secondary Education. 2012. Adviser: David Giles Education

Carlson, Loren. Transhumanist's Optimism Presents a Problem for Cultural Identities. 2012.

Marts, Tessa. Public Eyes. 2012. Culture
Sadorf, Daniela. The Body Without the Mind: A Look at Alzheimer's. 2012. Disability
Bucklew, Chase. Embodiment in a Posthuman Culture. 2012. Adviser: Phillip Thurtle Body
Phan, Luu. The Teachers Union. 2012. Adviser: Third Andresen Education
Ellingboe, Lena. Contesting Otherness. 2012. Culture

Tesfaye, Milcah. Failing U.S. Public Schools What are the Keys to Solving the Problem? 2012.

Hancock, Jessica. The Preponderance of Eco-Apartheid in South and Southeast Seattle: How Our Children are Affected. 2012. Social Justice

Heffernan, Joe. Trauma in the Ranks: Sexual Assault in the U.S. Armed Forces. 2011.

Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies

Nelson, Brian. Lockean Identity of Ideas: an Interpretation of Locke's Theories of Ideas and Identity. 2011.


Gentry, Katie. Searching for Cardboard. 2011.

Political Science

Kappes, William. Social Divisions of Urban Space. 2011.

Urban Studies

Jue, Jonahtan. Contested Landscapes in Postwar Bosnia & Herzegovina. 2011.

International Studies
Flores, Whidden. There Are Worse Things Than Death Tracing the language of fear through international horror films. 2011. Adviser: Phillip Thurtle Film/Cinema

Volkman, Jon. Through the Eyes of a Mongoose: The Intent of Audience. 2011.

Reception Studies

Black, Christina. Pedagogical Explorations in Embracing Change, Fluidity, and the Future: Transforming the system from the inside out. 2011.

Breier, Jacob. Music as Pedagogy: Concept Albums and Close Listening. 2011. Adviser: David Giles Education