Senior Theses

CHID’s commitment to project-based learning culminates in the senior thesis, which helps students develop their own interests and increase the depth of their scholarly engagement. The process of arriving at a research question, connecting with UW faculty on shared research interests, performing research, and writing are each integral parts of this capstone experience.

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Cameron, Jordan. Torture Transparency and Technological Activism. 2011.

Social Justice

Zeru, Mahlet. Global Economic Inequality. 2011.

International Studies

Heffernan, Joe. Trauma in the Ranks: Sexual Assault in the U.S. Armed Forces. 2011.

Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies
Horn, Shelly Renee. The Western Wedding: Origins and Attitudes. 2010. Culture
Hall, Alicia. Ugly Beautiful Different the visual representations of good and evil and their reflections upon the collective unconscious. 2010. Adviser: Phillip Thurtle Visual Culture
Bays, Morgan. The Twenty-Something Mother in the "Generation of Emerging Adults." 2010. Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies
Danch, Siana. Hedonism as a form of subjugating Bio-power: Viennese Industrialization and Literary Criticism. 2010. Literary Criticism
Jones, Elizabeth. Ideologies of Oppression: Toward a New Understanding of Human and Non-Human Relations. 2010. Animal Studies
Donohue, Courtney. Meltdown of the Pot: An Examination of the United States as a "Melting Pot" of Cultures. 2010. Sociology
Siegrist, Holly. Disability and Identity: The value of expression. 2010. Disability

Lieberman, Lisa D.. Chocolate as an Aphrodisiac: a feast for the senses. 2010.

Stump, Stacie Ariana. "Brandon's Story A Look at Systematic Discrimination of People with Developmental Disabilities." 2010. Disability
Riddick, Anjali. School Culture and Identity: Nathan Hale. 2010. Education
Brennan, Lucy. Untitled (Plush figures and books). 2010. Literature and Other Arts
Melvey, Katelyn. Learning Language the Second Time Around: Pedagogical Considerations for the Adult Learner. 2010. Education
DiStefano, Anna. Wasted, High and Horny: A Look into Stereotypical College Life and Why it Happens. 2010. Adviser: John Toews Education
Sagum, Michael. Deaf Education: Oralism, ASL and the Road to College. 2010. Disability
Acker, Katy. Life. Love. Food. My Journey to Conscious Living. 2010. Adviser: Christina Wygant Food
Calhoun, Jordan. Cultural Boundaries: An Introductory Approach. 2010. Adviser: Jeanette Bushnell Postcolonial
Abernathy, Kendra. Democracy & Discourse: Improving Discourse with Sex Education. 2010. Body

Choe, Tammy. Love and Food. 2010.


Nousheen, Farah. Institutionalizing Antiracism in the Comparative History of Ideas Program. 2009.


Reinhardt, Gabriela Khadyja Tiki Segal McKenna. A Fish Story: An Analysis of the Duwamish River Cleanup. 2009.

Social Justice
Back, Hannah. Perpetuating Nationalist Ideologies After Conflict: Children and Education in Bosnia I Herzegovina. 2009. Education

Tollefson, Amanda. Microlending and El Movimiento No Pago: Nicaragua's Struggle to Balance Government Intervention with a Healthy Microfinance Market. 2009.

International Studies