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What is Comparative History of Ideas?

Comparative History of Ideas (CHID) is a one-of-a-kind interdisciplinary major. Based in the humanities, CHID teaches students to connect ideas and practices from the natural sciences, arts, and social sciences to reveal new ways of understanding the world.

CHID students work closely with faculty and staff from diverse disciplines. Together, they develop a learning community that encourages critical thinking, intellectual inquiry, and self-reflection. By studying the interplay of ideas in their cultural and historical contexts, students gain insights into the transformational power of ideas and their political consequences. They learn to question, critique, and create in all aspects of their lives.

Why study CHID?

  • Study what matters to you: Our interdisciplinary model brings together outstanding faculty and staff from the sciences, arts, social sciences, and humanities, allowing you to tailor your education to your interests and professional goals.
  • Join a strong community: Our students are the center of our supportive community of learners. Faculty and staff are here to help you navigate your undergraduate experience and mentor you as you deepen your understanding of the world.
  • Transform through travel: CHID offers opportunities to study off campus on six continents — abroad and within the United States. Each program probes a different subject and offers opportunities for transformational study and self-reflection.
  • Learn from experience: In CHID, we believe experience is the best teacher. In addition to small, interactive classes, you’ll have the opportunity to learn through internships, independent study, ethnographic fieldwork, creative writing, and more.
  • Become who you want to be: Our alumni use their unique skills and expertise to find success and drive change in a wide variety of fields.

What programs do we offer undergraduates?

How do you major in CHID?

The CHID major is open. Students in good academic standing may declare the major at any time by meeting with the undergraduate adviser. Learn more about applying to the university as an incoming first-year studenttransfer student, or postbaccalaureate student.

How do you meet with a CHID adviser?

You can book an appointment online or contact an adviser.