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by Phillip Thurtle This last year challenged CHID unlike any year I’ve ever experienced. Together, we navigated a global pandemic, exacerbated social inequities, an economic slump, and the loss of human contact. Due to the care, hard work, and daily sacrifices of those within the department, CHID has remained the dynamic center for interdisciplinary thought that drew me to the program 20 years ago. In a future “Letter from the Chair,” I will return to talk about the department… Read more
Arriving from the depths of Southern California, Lenan Choto waltzes into the Emerald City as a soft ray of sunshine (or so they’ve been told). With a background in TV & Radio, they wish to use their new media expertise to continue promoting a sense of community within CHID. Lenan Choto was born and raised in Los Angeles, California (a fact they can’t stop mentioning). In retrospect, growing up in Koreatown near Rampart Village was key to Lenan’s early childhood development, especially… Read more
Introducing our first CHID podcast: Convos in the Office!Every few weeks, Chair of CHID Phillip Thurtle & Outreach Coordinator Lenan Choto discuss various topics leading to philosophical insights, thought revelations and catharsis. This is an exciting time for CHID and we hope everyone enjoys the future of our content. Links can be found below: Spotify Read more
Dr. Greg Guedel, Co-Director of the CHID-JSIS Munich Study Abroad program, has published a new law review article on the Model Tribal Energy Code, a comprehensive legal code that enables Native American Nations to self-govern their energy resources under sovereign Tribal law.    Native American Tribes have tremendous energy-generating potential, from traditional carbon and mineral resources to renewable energy from solar, wind, and geothermal power.  However, for the past 100+ years Tribal… Read more
"CHID 480A - The Unconscious Online: Dreaming with(out) Algorithms" is now a Calderwood Seminar! Enhance your brain with this unique writing-focused course 📝 We’ll ask how psychoanalytic logics of the unconscious mind cryptically haunt our devices, platforms, and network technologies–and how these animate our nightmares and dystopian visions of the future. We’ll also use these discussions to identify opportunities for subversion and free play with help from cultural studies, critical design,… Read more
Humanities First recently did a Q&A with a former CHID major: Maureen Trantham, who is the Senior Vice President, Head of Strategy and Social Impact & Philanthropy Operations at Sesame Workshop. The Q&A and the link to the interview can be found below: ___ Article Page: [Humanities First Interviewer] Tell us a bit about your job (e.g. what… Read more
Film Screening: El Houb (The Love) Tuesday, January 23rd, 4:00-6:00 PM, Thomson Hall 101 El Houb (2022), directed by Shariff Nasr, follows Karim as he navigates coming out as gay to his Moroccan-Dutch Muslim family. This film screening will be introduced by Nicolaas P. Barr and Louisa Mackenzie (Comparative History of Ideas). Note: current UW community members can also stream the film through the UW Language Learning Center (login required). A set of introductory materials is available in this… Read more
Happy New Year, Chiddies! Make sure to stop by the CHID office (PDL B-102) on Wednesday, January 3rd for free donuts and coffee. It would be great to ring in the quarter with food and good company 💜
CHID Professor Chandan Reddy recently received a 2023 Freedom Scholar Award from the Marguerite Casey Foundation! This award is in recognition of the work Chandan describes so well here: "By working with others in grassroots struggles to support the world-making practices of marginalized people—such as undocumented sex and care workers—we can learn what questions to ask that can break the everyday scholarly reflexes that reproduce unequal social power and instead build up grassroots social… Read more
Every day our #UWTransfer students, faculty, and staff make great contributions to our university community. Join us in celebrating the National Transfer Week Celebration from October 16 through 20. Learn more at!