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Victoria Cummins and CARE
CHID and business major Victoria Cummins has been featured in the Sequim Gazette for her work with the Campus Animal Rights Educators! “Since I was little, I’ve always questioned things” Victoria has been working with CARE to promote vegan dining options on campus, humane treatment of animals, and safe spaces for all eaters. Rather than using pigs to practice airway opening procedures in paramedic training programs, CARE advocates for alternative simulator models. The club's campign to end the practice at UW included a petition with 1,125... Full story
Portrait of Che Seyhun
Che Sehyun Receives Neddy Artist Award!  From article written by National Juror ClaireTancons:  Christopher Paul Jordan and Che Sehyun as the recipients of this year’sNeddy Artist Awards, each of whom will receive an unrestricted grant of $25,000. In her summary of her selections, Tancons pointed that Jordan in painting and Sehyun in open medium bring a “multicultural savvy” to their... Full story
Susan Ashford performing with the Ghost Quartet
After her breakout performance in Dave Malloy’s “Natasha, Pierre and The Great Comet of 1812,” CHID alum Brittain Ashford is now one part of the new “Ghost Quartet.” She plays autoharp in the “spooky, neo-folkie chamber musical,” playing at Erickson Theatre Off Broadway from January 19th to January 28th. Brittain and her band Prairie Empire will be in Seattle for one night only; February 2nd at the Freemont Abbey Arts Center! Check out Misha Berson’s feature of Ashford in The Seattle Times:... Full story
Nicole Bradford with her children
When still a babe, I internalized the story that a good serious person cultivates a clean, technical set of interests, and pursues them with uncanny passion until one’s efforts are duly exchanged for money-money. I swear, sometimes I still think that idea might work out for me, but mostly I work for pennies-pennies, trying to save the world from imminent climate catastrophe. Classified as an “unconventional student,” I came to CHID after ten years of infrequent schooling from various institutions of higher learning across Texas. In that time before CHID, I was an artist, a printmaker, a... Full story
Cyrus Olsen Headshot
I teach at a Jesuit institution in northeastern Pennsylvania, The University of Scranton, in the town made famous by the American version of The Office. (When I was leaving England for this job, many a person quoted John Betjemen’s poem “Slough” (1937) by way of jocular encouragement: “Come friendly bombs and fall on Slough!/ It isn't fit for humans now…”). In truth, Scranton is post-industrial, still finding its way forward in an economy without need for anthracite coal. Locals say the university now run by Jesuits helped keep the city afloat. The Jesuits have a reputation... Full story
Geometric Folded Art Piece
Let’s start with some questions, and some tautological answers: Q. What does a mathematician do? A. They create mathematics. Q. What does an artist do?A. They create art. The second answer seems more solid—because we feel we know better what it means to create art. The first feels so circular—what does it means to create mathematics? One of the goals of Axiomatic, my recent Simpson Center-supported collaboration with... Full story
Graphic of a human chain
We want to celebrate the many accomplishments of CHIDdies of all types—students, faculty, alumni—by highlighting recent honors and news items. Do you have news that you want to share with your CHID community? An award or recognition? A great gig? Going to grad school? Life event to share? Let us know – send a short description and any web links to administrator Suzanne St Peter, We want to hear from you!
Maria Elena Garcia, Director
Dear Friends, As fall draws to a close and winter settles in, I write with a brief update on CHID’s resilience in the midst of budgetary crisis and administrative restructuring. Since my last note in the spring, we have been fortunate to receive the green light to work toward CHID’s official move from “program” to “department” status. This process of departmentalization represents a significant moment in CHID’s history, as it solidifies our place at the University of Washington and offers exciting possibilities for programmatic growth. As always, we will move slowly and intentionally as we... Full story
CHID seeks proposals for the 2018-2019 Collaborative Learning and Interdisciplinary Pedagogy (CLIP) Fellows Program that focus on critical justice education, welcoming applications for courses on topics such as carceral politics, immigrant detention, and the cultural politics of criminalization, broadly construed. Two CLIP Fellows will be funded at 50% FTE for the academic year to teach one course per quarter and will receive up to $1,500 in research funds. Eligible recipients include: 1) current UW graduate students who will have advanced to doctoral candidacy by September 16, 2018, and who... Full story
Story by Nancy Joseph // September 2017 // Perspectives Newsletter  "The more we learn from one another, the stronger our movements, the stronger our analysis, and the stronger our connections."  When Anu Taranath led a study abroad program in Mexico this summer, the focus was LGBTQ issues. But the group also discussed migration. And xenophobia. And politics. And health. And numerous other related topics.   “Nothing happens in isolation from anything else,” explains Taranath, senior lecturer in the Department of English and Comparative History of Ideas (CHID) program. “We are trained not... Full story