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by Phillip Thurtle This last year challenged CHID unlike any year I’ve ever experienced. Together, we navigated a global pandemic, exacerbated social inequities, an economic slump, and the loss of human contact. Due to the care, hard work, and daily sacrifices of those within the department, CHID has remained the dynamic center for interdisciplinary thought that drew me to the program 20 years ago. In a future “Letter from the Chair,” I will return to talk about the department… Read more
Arriving from the depths of Southern California, Lenan Choto waltzes into the Emerald City as a soft ray of sunshine (or so they’ve been told). With a background in TV & Radio, they wish to use their new media expertise to continue promoting a sense of community within CHID. Lenan Choto was born and raised in Los Angeles, California (a fact they can’t stop mentioning). In retrospect, growing up in Koreatown near Rampart Village was key to Lenan’s early childhood development, especially… Read more
Introducing our first CHID podcast: Convos in the Office!Every few weeks, Chair of CHID Phillip Thurtle & Outreach Coordinator Lenan Choto discuss various topics leading to philosophical insights, thought revelations and catharsis. This is an exciting time for CHID and we hope everyone enjoys the future of our content. Links can be found below: Spotify Read more
Congratulations to Landrie Einardt who has won a Chester William Fritz Scholarship for the 2024-25 academic year. This award supports highly deserving students in the Humanities departments of the College of Arts and Sciences. In his letter of nomination, CHID chair Tony Lucero praises Landrie’s engagement with critical theory and philosophy “as a means of understanding systemic issues and envisioning transformative change.” Landrie's commitment to social justice extends beyond the classroom.… Read more
Recent CHID graduate Markus Teuton was just recognized in ArtSci's June newsletter via his own featured story, "Celebrating Contemporary Indigenous Music". Congrats Markus, we're all very proud 💜 (And CHID's been getting a lot of love lately, woo!) Check out the feature… Read more
As a learning community committed to students’ inquiry and the many ways they engage the world around them, we are moved by our students’ request that CHID faculty and staff make a public statement in support of the student-led call to “end UW's involvement in the ongoing genocide in Palestine.”  In reply, and after departmental deliberations, we write here to express our unequivocal solidarity with our students’ efforts to denounce genocide and our University’s complicity. Many of us have,… Read more
Soon-to-be CHID graduate Tisbe Rinehart was recently the subject of an ArtSci featured story, "Getting Personal about Wilderness," chronically her journey leading to the completion of her novel (and senior thesis), "Desert(ed) Destinies: Wilderness Therapy as Settler Colonial Violence". Check out the story here:… Congratulations Tisbe… Read more
Congratulations to CHID Associate Professor Louisa Mackenzie (they/them or she/her) for being awarded the Distinguished Teaching Award for the 2023-24 academic year! We're glad you're a part of our community :)
Presenting the 2024 CHID Thesis Symposium: Join us in the Petersen Room on the 4th floor of Allen Library to explore and experience all of the amazing projects that our CHID students have been working on all year! The CHID senior thesis asks students to solve specific intellectual problems, ensuring a form of specialization that goes beyond simply a narrowing of academic focus. The senior project demonstrates how our students have attained the educational objectives of the major. And yes, there… Read more
This roundtable discussion will examine contemporary European attitudes towards Middle Eastern and North African diasporas in Europe. Participants will discuss histories of racism, white supremacy, colonialism, and nationalism in European cultures, and how these histories manifest in contemporary xenophobia, anti-Muslim racism, and Islamophobia. Nicolaas P Barr (CHID director of study abroad and lecturer), Jason Groves (associate professor of German Studies), Alix Wagner (CHID major), and Maya… Read more