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KUOW and Humanities Washington hosted CHID's very own Nick Barr Clingan to learn about populism today. Check out the video! Massive movements like the Tea Party and The Resistance vow to stop the President at every turn. Candidates are raging against the very government they seek to lead. Bernie Sanders's candidacy—and Donald Trump's victory—were fueled by fury against an entrenched political class. And across the Atlantic, that same anger propelled Britain's exit from the European Union and the rise of far-right candidates like Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen. What fuels populism—is it... Full story
Critical Community Organizing Course Students & Guest Speakers
Students often say that their CHID classes are by far the most intellectually stimulating courses they have taken at the UW. This is because CHID’s philosophy is rooted in providing critical thinking tools to students. CHID 250: Critical Community Organizing is one of the courses these students are talking about. In Winter 2017, CHID offered this pilot course on the basics of community organizing, instructed by former Washington State 11th District Representative Velma Veloria and Third Andresen, PhD. Both have extensive community organizing backgrounds in the Filipino American community. The... Full story
CHID Personnel & Guests from Mexico City
When it comes to the relationship between the US and Mexico, these days it’s common to hear about walls more than bridges, fraught politics more than fierce friendships. In a small way, one CHID program hopes to change that. The study abroad program “LGBTQ Communities, Public Health, and Migration in Mexico” explores questions that put US and Mexico relations within a broader framework of borders, opportunity, safety, and dignity. Focusing on the voices and stories of the LGBTQ communities, the program seeks to understand issues of identity, gender, and sexuality from a Mexican perspective.... Full story
Graphic of a human chain
In this section, we celebrate the many accomplishments of CHIDdies of all types—students, faculty, alumni—by highlighting recent honors and news items. Do you have news that you want to share with your CHID community? An award or recognition? A great gig? Going to grad school? Life event to share? Let us know – send a short description and any web links to administrator Suzanne St Peter, We want to hear from you! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This Community News provides... Full story
Several hanging chrysalis's
Crystaline Brown is finishing her CHID senior thesis by writing speculative fiction, which focuses on pregnant bodies. One of her favorite things about CHID is the desire to find connections between things that are not obviously connected, explore those connections, and then ask questions. Narrative 1: Pregnancy is painful “Women have a higher pain threshold than men.”    “Women have a higher pain threshold than men because they have to give birth.”    “Giving birth is extremely painful.”    “When my cousin had a baby, I could hear her screaming from down the hallway... Full story
Van Gogh's "The Yellow Books" Painting
Seven. That’s how many readers the typical academic journal article could expect to have, my graduate advisor told me when I presented him with the fruits of my months of labor. His comment wasn’t meant to be discouraging. Scholarship often develops slowly and incrementally, and I should be proud of my first contribution, even if its measurable impact might be low. The article was also important for developing my intellectual voice, he suggested.   Given that he was probably the first of those seven readers, and my parents the second and third, I’ll confess to feeling a bit deflated. The... Full story
Maria Elena Garcia, Director
Dear Friends, As I write, the sun is shining after weeks of rainy, cold Seattle days. CHID, in a similar fashion, still exudes warmth and light despite the various dark clouds that have hovered over us. Taking inspiration from the sunny days, I wanted to send a few lines noting how CHID has been blossoming.    Let us first celebrate some of the amazing new intellectuals that will formally be a part of CHID in the fall. Chandan Reddy, whose friendly face and fierce intellect is already familiar to many of us, will... Full story
WA State Supreme Court Justice Mary Yu visits Third Andresen and Velma Veloria's CHID250D: Critical Community Organizing course!
CHID Alum Sarah Maria Medina, Poetry Editor at Winter Tangerine, says of Phillip Thurtle: “My studies with you in CHID still largely shape my thinking today.” From the Chicago Review of Books