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Picture of Sophia Carey: Congrats to CHID Major Sophia Carey for receiving this year's Beinecke Scholarship CHID Major Sophia Carey named Beinecke scholar  April 30, 2021
W statue on campus, taken on sunny May day CHID Student Sophia Carey Nominated for Beinecke Scholarship April 8, 2021
Stop Asian Hate A Message from the Chair of CHID March 21, 2021
Raza (with microphone) at a Young People For summit, surrounded by audience of students listening to Raza speak. CHID Senior "connecting communities with health care" November 1, 2020
Dr. Ileana Marin and Dr. Otilia Baraboi awarded Romanian Order of Merit in Education December 9, 2019
Transcript in the body of the post Focus Group Feature: Zines and Zinemaking December 2, 2019
Profile Picture of Sasha: They are wearing black rectangle framed glasses and a red button-up shirt. New Outreach Coordinator November 15, 2019
Phillip Thurtle at Table CHID Students as Critical Makers November 14, 2019
Jasmine Stork Emulating My Hero- Once Lost, Now Found November 13, 2019
Ghana Study Abroad Global Service Learning and the Politics of Help in Ghana – Summer 2019.  By Cynthia Anderson, CHID Academic Counselor November 13, 2019
Research as world-building & the community formed along the way November 13, 2019
A group portrait of Comparative History of Ideas faculty and staff beneath cherry blossoms in the quad, holding signs that say, "question. critique. create." CHID Community News and Achievements, Spring 2019 June 6, 2019
Marie CHID Alumni Advisory Board Updates from Marie Shimada June 6, 2019
A Letter from 2019-2020 CLIP Fellows, Lydia Heberling and Sebastián López Vergara June 6, 2019
Izumi and Nat "On Focus Groups," with Izumi Nance June 5, 2019
Phillip Thurtle at Table A Message from CHID's Director, Phillip Thurtle June 5, 2019
Anu Taranath Anu Taranath - Beyond Guilt Trips: Mindful Travel in an Unequal World June 4, 2019
Screenshot of The CHID Store merchandise CHID's got swag! May 22, 2019
A portrait of Dr. Kathleen Belew alongside the cover of her new book, Bring the War Home (2018) CHID Celebrates 40 Years! May 14, 2019
A portrait of Sol Moravia-Rosenberg next to a cactus Sol Moravia-Rosenberg (CHID, '11) is back with a new album! April 11, 2019
Side-by-side portraits of two CHID alums, Camille Elmore-Trummer and Jennifer Moore Two CHID alums participating in "OMA&D Presents: A Dialogue with Dr. Ralina Joseph" April 9, 2019
Cynthia Anderson speaking at Tasveer's 2019 Storywallahs event “I am Mumtaz, I am Jody, I am Cynthia" January 24, 2019
Annie Dwyer recognized for a Western Humanities Review publication! January 24, 2019
Portrait of Che Seyhun "This song is for Grandma!" December 13, 2018
Dr. María Elena García, working on a laptop in her colorful Padelford office. María Elena García awarded NEH fellowship! December 13, 2018