Husky Giving Day is Today!

Submitted by Sophia Choto on

By donating to CHID, you will be assisting in funding CHID scholarships, events and anything else needed to help support our students and operations.

Your gifts to the Friends of CHID Fund helps the Department to:

  • Support the annual CHIDposium, highlighting our graduating student’s thesis projects

  • Send students to inspiring study abroad opportunities such as Viet Nam and Ecuador

  • Bring alumni to campus to share their experience and knowledge with current students and the greater public

  • Support faculty research through conference attendance and travel

  • Enhance gathering spaces to encourage creativity and community-building

No amount is too small! A $10 gift can make a tremendous difference by covering necessary expenses such as parking fees for guests, or cost for supplies like zine printing or website launches for senior projects, CHID 101, and so much more.