Calderwood Seminar Now Open for Enrollment!

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"CHID 480A - The Unconscious Online: Dreaming with(out) Algorithms" is now a Calderwood Seminar! Enhance your brain with this unique writing-focused course 📝

We’ll ask how psychoanalytic logics of the unconscious mind cryptically haunt our devices, platforms, and network technologies–and how these animate our nightmares and dystopian visions of the future. We’ll also use these discussions to identify opportunities for subversion and free play with help from cultural studies, critical design, STS, and Black feminist, postcolonial, and queer critiques–alongside histories of psychoanalytic thought. We’ll ground our discussions by workshopping our own media projects and (auto)ethnographically observing the places our dreams and nightmares interface with algorithms, databases, and the world writ large.

Spring 2024 | SLN: 12301 | AH, SSc, W | TTh 3:30p - 5:20p | ART 317

Instructor: Christopher Santo Do Chan

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