CHID Instructor Creates Nation's First Model Tribal Energy Code

Submitted by Sophia Choto on

Dr. Greg Guedel, Co-Director of the CHID-JSIS Munich Study Abroad program, has published a new law review article on the Model Tribal Energy Code, a comprehensive legal code that enables Native American Nations to self-govern their energy resources under sovereign Tribal law.   

Native American Tribes have tremendous energy-generating potential, from traditional carbon and mineral resources to renewable energy from solar, wind, and geothermal power.  However, for the past 100+ years Tribal resources have been primarily managed by the federal government, resulting in economic waste and chronic environmental degradation.   Working with Tribal governments and the Native-led nonprofit Tribal Energy Consortium, Dr. Guedel created the Model Tribal Energy Code to enable Native American governments to take over authority from federal agencies for energy development within Tribal jurisdictions, and manage energy resources in accordance with the Tribe's own laws, traditions, and self-determined goals.  "Tribes have the resources to become fully self-sufficient in energy production, and to harness this potential to create sustainable benefits for their communities."  Dr. Guedel stated.  "The Model Tribal Energy Code allows Native American Nations to assert their sovereignty over these resources and ensure they are developed and utilized in a manner that reflects their inherent rights and cultural values."

The Model Tribal Energy Code is presently being adopted by numerous Tribes throughout the United States, and will provide the legal basis for a new era of Tribal self-governance and development of energy resources across America.  Dr. Guedel may be contacted for details at