Senior Theses

CHID’s commitment to project-based learning culminates in the senior thesis, which helps students develop their own interests and increase the depth of their scholarly engagement. The process of arriving at a research question, connecting with UW faculty on shared research interests, performing research, and writing are each integral parts of this capstone experience.

Full Citation People Involved Related Fields
Umemoto, Priscilla. We are in Love A written collage. 2009. Literature and Other Arts
Gran, Melissa. Women's Reproductive Health Care Challenges and Needs of Kosovo: A Terrain of Struggle. 2009. Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies
Mitchell, Rev. Shane. Trippin' Through Time: Effects of Psychedelics on Human Development. 2009. Adviser: Phillip Thurtle Body
Shepodd, Gillian. Re-Imagining The Ave: Culture, Place and Intercultural Exchange. 2009. Urban Studies

Hogan, Claire. Gender and the Aesthetic of National Belonging: Love and Commodification in a 2008 Chanel CoCo Maemoiselle Mini Film." 2009.

Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies
Eaton, Amber. Marriage in Culture. 2009. Culture

Ruff, Alishia. Unraveling Asain American Culture on YouTube. 2009.

Media Studies
Cordova, Danielle. Critical Literacy in the Classroom: U.S. History as Taught to High School Students. 2009. Education

Krukonis, Megan. Untitled (DVD). 2009.

O'Connor, Scott. Film and Theory: The Present Colonial Identity. 2009. Adviser: John Toews Film/Cinema
Amundson, Kristen. Comparative Reflection on Education: Analytical Composition of the Academic Outcomes of Students from Lower-Socio Economic Backgrounds. 2009. Education
Freedman, Donna. Getting Better Slowly: The View From Midlife. 2009. Autobiography, Biography, and Life Writing

Linden, Sophie. Women Writers of Iraq: The Lessons and Politics of Travelling Through Fiction. 2009.

Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies
Land, Ema Katrina. Constructions of Black Gender Identities and Their Relationship to Violence Against Women in Post-Apartheid South Africa. 2009. Adviser: Georgia Roberts Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies

Burke, Sean T.. Rethinking Waste. 2009.

Political Science

Blythe, Eric. The Mbuti Pygmies: The Relationship Between Ancient History and the Development of the Modern World. 2008.

Gipson, Melissa. Harry Potter and the Role of Integrity in his Magical Influence. 2008. Literary Criticism
Le, Cindy. Coachella and I: The Experience you don't hear about. 2008. Adviser: Georgia Roberts Culture
Dowling, Katherine. Personal Reaffirmations. 2008. Autobiography, Biography, and Life Writing
Auldon, Glory. The Value of Intergrating Disability Studies. 2008. Disability
Raymond, Trina M.. Writing With a Brush: Canvases of Experience, a (Re)imagined Body. 2008. Body
Hermanns, Sarah. Child-like Pedagogy. 2008. Education
O'Sullivan, Rachel. The Pathology of Privilege: An Examination of Whiteness, Inherent Advantage and Instituionalized Racism. 2008. Adviser: Jeanette Bushnell Race and Ethnicity
Francoeur, Daniel. The Creative Process and Hypothetical Other. 2008. Adviser: Phillip Thurtle Literature and Other Arts

Hanes, Scott. The Swallows Soar Free: Rediscovering Our Legacy as Creature-Creators through Myth. 2008.

Folklore and Mythology