Senior Theses

CHID’s commitment to project-based learning culminates in the senior thesis, which helps students develop their own interests and increase the depth of their scholarly engagement. The process of arriving at a research question, connecting with UW faculty on shared research interests, performing research, and writing are each integral parts of this capstone experience.

Full Citation People Involved Related Fields
Le, Cindy. Coachella and I: The Experience you don't hear about. 2008. Adviser: Georgia Roberts Culture
Dowling, Katherine. Personal Reaffirmations. 2008. Autobiography, Biography, and Life Writing
Auldon, Glory. The Value of Intergrating Disability Studies. 2008. Disability
Raymond, Trina M.. Writing With a Brush: Canvases of Experience, a (Re)imagined Body. 2008. Body
Hermanns, Sarah. Child-like Pedagogy. 2008. Education
O'Sullivan, Rachel. The Pathology of Privilege: An Examination of Whiteness, Inherent Advantage and Instituionalized Racism. 2008. Adviser: Jeanette Bushnell Race and Ethnicity
Francoeur, Daniel. The Creative Process and Hypothetical Other. 2008. Adviser: Phillip Thurtle Literature and Other Arts

Hanes, Scott. The Swallows Soar Free: Rediscovering Our Legacy as Creature-Creators through Myth. 2008.

Folklore and Mythology
Done, Daniel. Gavroche Magazine. 2008. Adviser: Phillip Thurtle Literature and Other Arts
Martin, Stephanie. The Impact of Women on Sports Marketing: A Reflection of My Life as an Athlete and a Woman in the Sporting World. 2007. Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies
Harris, Ben. "Seaworthy." 2007. Drama
Cooley, Sam Richard. Untitled. 2007. Culture

Waysdorf, Abby. Fade to Grey Masculinity and Respect in Rock Music. 2007.

Popular Culture

Mowrer, Kelcie. American Education in a New Generation of Global Citizens. 2007.


Salton, Matthew. The Autoch Project. 2007.

Visual Culture

Bossert, Sammie. Movies, Memories and Mental Illness. 2007.


Zweigle, Chris. Untitled. 2007.

Petrin, Jillian M.. Scaling Up A New Program Model To Increase The Availability Of Resources To People With Disabilities Across The World. 2007. Disability
Evans, Ryan. The Fear and Wonder of Flight: Aviation's Shift From a Wonder to an Instrument of Total War. 2007. Adviser: Phillip Thurtle History

McKervey, Thos.. Me, My Grandfather and Memory. 2007.

Autobiography, Biography, and Life Writing
Albert, Amelia. Curiosity, the Other, and the Freak Show. 2007. Body

Marsh, Trevor. Writing Personal Essays with the Challenge of Molding the Reader's Imagination into an Unconsciously Shared Experience with the Author. 2007.

Autobiography, Biography, and Life Writing

Trantham, Maureen. Personal Journalism Towards Individuals Affecting Collective Memory. 2007.

Autobiography, Biography, and Life Writing

Subcleff, Tanya. (Re)Thinking Multi-Ethnic Identity in a Culture of Difference. 2007.

Race and Ethnicity

Adams-Landry, Marcia. Untitled. 2007.

Autobiography, Biography, and Life Writing