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July Hazard

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PDL B102-B / ACC 15H
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PDL: T 8:30 am - 9:30 am / ACC: T 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm / & by appointment


MFA, Poetry, University of Montana, Missoula 2010
MS, Environmental Studies, University of Montana, Missoula 2010
BA, Liberal Arts, St. John’s College, Santa Fe 1997

I teach in CHID and the Program on the Environment (PoE). I’m a poet and theorist who explores intersections of environmental humanities with critical race, queer, trans, feminist, and de-colonial studies. My current research projects investigate the altered shorelines of the Black and Duwamish rivers, the assembly of poetic voice under the guidance of animals, and the forest relations of trans and queer youth in rural Appalachia (my home region). My teaching foregrounds writing, experiment, forays outside the classroom, and other collaborative explorations.

Courses Taught

Additional Courses

AUTUMN 2018 – ENVIR 460 Power, Privilege, & Preservation

SPRING 2019 – ENVIR 460 Power, Privilege, & Preservation

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