Ecopoetics Along Shorelines got a shout-out in Perspectives!

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The Ecopoetics crew at Deception Pass. PC: Nat Mengist

“The sounds of the shoreline are a mix of the waves and the rocky beach. The voices are combined voices.” 

--July Hazard

Congratulations to July, Cleo, and the students of Ecopoetics Along Shorelines for their feature in Perspectives, the College of Arts and Sciences Newsletter! Visit to see what they are up to.

Check out the story by Nancy Joseph here: A CLOSER LOOK AT SHORELINES

"With this group, we have such a wide range of lenses through which we view nature. Some students are science and research focused, some see landscapes through the lens of indigenous history, while some contemplate psychology and philosophy. It really is illuminating to see how different minds perceive and articulate the environments around them. When we put these perspectives into conversation, we are challenged to broaden our own" --Kayla Carrington