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Nicolaas P. Barr (he/him/his)

Director of Study Abroad; Part-Time Lecturer
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PDL B101
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W, 10:00-12:00, and by appointment


Ph.D., History, UC Berkeley
B.A., History/Comparative History of Ideas, University of Washington

I am a CHID graduate and received my PhD in History from UC Berkeley. I work with faculty on CHID's study abroad programs and teach for CHID, History, and Jewish Studies.

In Minima Moralia, Theodor W. Adorno cites F. H. Bradley: "Where everything is bad, it must be good to know the worst." My research and teaching interests are driven by the question of how to make sense of, and respond to, forms of domination, especially as exemplified in the Holocaust, about which I've written some personal reflections. I'm especially interested in understanding antisemitism in the wider contexts of white supremacy and ongoing forms of racialization in Europe. My study abroad program in Amsterdam examines how Dutch identity is being refashioned by Dutch people of color amid the supposed crisis of normative (white) Dutch national identity and "tolerant" values. I'm the translator of Tofik Dibi's Djinn, which will appear in SUNY Press's Queer Politics and Cultures series in January 2021.

I have been a guest on The Stranger's podcast "Blabbermouth" to discuss such political terms as anarchy, progressive, and neoliberal, and I've written on Dutch racism in The Nation and Jewish Currents. I'm an editor for H-Low Countries and a trombonist in the Mexican band Banda Vagos.


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Pacific Lutheran University:
Writing 101, "Music in the Polis"
History of the Holocaust

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Professional Affiliations: 
American Historical Association, Koninklijk Nederlands Historisch Genootschap