Queerness Beyond Whiteness in Europe: A Conversation on El Houb (The Love)

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Film Screening: El Houb (The Love)

Tuesday, January 23rd, 4:00-6:00 PM, Thomson Hall 101

El Houb (2022), directed by Shariff Nasr, follows Karim as he navigates coming out as gay to his Moroccan-Dutch Muslim family. This film screening will be introduced by Nicolaas P. Barr and Louisa Mackenzie (Comparative History of Ideas).

Note: current UW community members can also stream the film through the UW Language Learning Center (login required).

A set of introductory materials is available in this folder.

Zoom Panel: Queerness Beyond Whiteness in Europe: A Conversation on El Houb (The Love)

Wednesday, January 24th, 9:30-11:00 AM PST

In “‘Gays who cannot properly be gay': Queer Muslims in the neoliberal European city” (2013), Black queer studies scholar Fatima El-Tayeb shows how dominant white European narratives of “coming out” normatively frame queer freedom in contradistinction to racialized Others–particularly Muslim men, who are rendered threatening, if straight, and inadequately liberated, if queer without abandoning Islam. How is this narrative being challenged by queer Muslims themselves while grappling with the challenges of being queer within ethnic communities that are already minoritized in Europe? This virtual panel about the award-winning Dutch film El Houb(The Love, 2022) will feature Moroccan-Dutch author and screenwriter Tofik Dibi and lead actor Fahd Larhzaoui in conversation with Nicolaas P. Barr and Louisa Mackenzie (Comparative History of Ideas).

Zoom registration required: https://washington.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJ0pcOGtpz0sGNx0xO8uRQOP8dQ…

Fahd Larhzaoui is a Dutch dramatist and actor who has starred in plays, films, and television series in Europe and beyond. He played the protagonist Karim in El Houb, receiving nominations for Best Male Lead in several Dutch and international film festivals.

Tofik Dibi is a former Member of Parliament (2006-2012) in the Netherlands. He is the author of the coming-out memoir Djinn (Uitgeverij Prometheus, 2015; SUNY Press, 2021), translated by Nicolaas P. Barr, and the novel Het Monster van Wokeness (The Woke Ness Monster, Uitgeverij Prometheus, 2020). He is one of the screenwriters for El Houb.

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