Sophia Choto

Outreach Coordinator
Sophie MT

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PDL B-102
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B.A. Literature, University of California, Santa Cruz, 2019

CHID's Digital Media Specialist constantly exploring their own space in this so-called world. Although work life can be challenging, Sophia, by all accounts, is killing it. If you've enjoyed the space aesthetics of CHID's social media, you have Sophia to thank for the stars and nebula: a reflection of the sunlit minds of learners and thinkers.

From video editing to audio production, Sophia's multimedia skills are known to be quite the asset within the CHID space, especially when it's come to the online graduation ceremonies of recent years. However confident she may seem, Sophia is always trying to up-the-ante to their fantasy's enchantment, constantly reflecting on how they can improve as an all-around person.

Outside of work, Sophia produces electronic music, attends a yoga studio and reads romance poetry to stay grounded.