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A published book, essay, chapter, edition, anthology, translation, or study.

  • book cover of Djinn, by Tofik Dibi, translated and with an introduction by Nicolaas P. Barr
  • Anthology Project
  • cover of book
  • Charlene Cuhaciyan, "Rooted in Thought," Flavigny, France
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Thurtle, Phillip. The Emergence of Genetic Rationality: Space, Time, & Information in American Biological Science, 1870-1920. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2007. Publications, Books Science and Technology
García, María E. and José Antonio Lucero. “In the Shadows of Success: Indigenous Politics in Peru and Ecuador.” Highland Indians and the State in Modern Ecuador. Eds., Marc Becker and Kim Clark. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press (2007): 234-24. Publications, Essays Indigenous
Alix Furness, “Formation of ESL Teacher Identity during the First Year: an Introspective Study”, Novice Language Teachers: Insights and Perspectives for the First Year, Editor – Thomas S.C. Farrell, Brock University, Equinox Publishing, 2006. Publications, Books Education, English, Second Language Acquisition
Toews, John E. "Songs of Experience: Modern American and European Variations on a Universal Theme." American Historical Review. 111.1 (2006). Publications, Essays Intellectual History
Claudia X. Valdes + Phillip Thurtle, "Biofeedback and the arts: listening as experimental practice" This paper was presented at the REFRESH conference, First International Conference onthe Media Arts, Sciences and Technologies held at the Banff Center sept 29-oct 4 2005and co sponsored by the Banff New Media Institute, the Database of Virtual Art andLeonardo/ISAST. Publications, Essays 20th Century, Aesthetics, Media Studies, Music, Science and Technology
Sparke, Matthew, 2005, In the Space of Theory: Postfoundational Geographies of the Nation-State, Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. Publications, Books American, Global and Transnational Studies, International Studies, Political Economy, Postmodern
2005. Making Indigenous Citizens: Identity, Development, and Multicultural Activism in Peru. Stanford:StanfordUniversity Press. Publications, Books Anthropology, Indigenous, Latin American
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Thurtle, Phillip, and Robert Mitchell. Semiotic Flesh: Information & the Human Body. Seattle: Walter Chapin Simpson Center for the Humanities, 2002. Publications, Books Science and Technology
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Neither Here Nor There, Issue 1, 2015 Publications, Projects Autobiography, Biography, and Life Writing, Culture, Digital Humanities, Global and Transnational Studies, Nonfiction Prose, Novel/Prose Fiction, Race and Ethnicity, Service Learning
Wave, Bloomsbury Pubishing, "Object Lessons" Series Publications, Books Art History, Body, Music, Science and Technology
The Anthology Project Publications, Projects Culture, Literature
Intersections (1993-) Publications Culture, Literature