Intersections (1993-)

Since 1993, intersections  has featured challenging student work from a variety of disciplinary locations. In 2009 intersections significantly expanded both its scope and presence, and is now accessible online from anywhere. intersections now features expansive capstone theses, research projects, and essays in the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

intersections has been on hiatus since AUT2012.  [Visit Old Site] A new issue was published in Spring 2015 and is available online.

Current Call for Submissions

As an open space for creative academic engagement, intersections highlights the unconventional interdisciplinarity and multimedia work of UW students, and alumni and faculty from the Comparative History of Ideas program. This current editorial collective seeks to revitalize the classic CHID commitment to critical questioning, interconnected collaboration, and decentralized dialogues within the sometimes inescapable hierarchies of our worlds.

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