For Students

In selecting a project advisor, consider professors who are knowledgeable about the topic in which you are interested. Ideally, you will also find someone with whom you have a positive, existing relationship. CHID’s preference is that you work with a senior lecturer, tenure-track, or tenured faculty member. If you are having difficulty identifying a faculty member who might serve as an advisor, ask the 491 instructor, the CHID Advisor,  a member of the CHID core faculty, and/or instructors whose classes have influenced your choice of a project topic.

Please keep in mind that professors are not required to work with you (or any student) on a senior project, so it is important to request help courteously. Once you’ve identified some potential advisors, you should request a meeting to 1) determine whether the potential faculty advisor would be a good fit 2) to inquire whether the potential faculty advisor would be willing to work with you. To arrange a meeting, send a formal email communicating your interest. When you meet, be prepared to discuss your ideas. Consider sending a draft of your project proposal ahead of time, if you have one, and bring a hard copy to the meeting in case they would like to peruse it then and there. It is often a good idea to ask for suggested reading material or additional contacts at these meetings, too, regardless of whether the meeting results in an advisor relationship.

Once you decide to ask a faculty member to direct your project and once they accept, you should arrange to obtain their signature for the CHID 492/493 form. You should also give your faculty advisor the information found on the CHID website: