Senior Project Overview

A senior project is a substantial, individually developed work, supervised by a faculty advisor, that allows each CHID student to further explore their intellectual interests and passions. CHID students pursue a wide range of interdisciplinary projects beyond the boundaries of a “traditional” paper, as well as exemplary academic essays that are equally creative in their interdisciplinary thinking.

CHID students may pursue either a 10-credit or 15-credit senior project. The 10-credit senior project allows students to undertake a project that can be completed in two quarters (including CHID 491); the 15-credit project allows students an additional quarter to complete a larger-scale senior project, for a total of three quarters (including CHID 491). CHID 491 is a seminar that guides students during the first stages of their project development in a classroom setting with fellow CHID majors; students work independently under the supervision of a faculty advisor in subsequent quarters (while registered for CHID 492 or CHID 493).   

Students who are completing a 10-credit thesis will register for the CHID 491 seminar during the first quarter, followed by CHID 493 the next quarter.  Students completing a 15-credit thesis will register for the CHID 491 seminar the first quarter, CHID 492 the second quarter, and CHID 493 the final quarter. Under special circumstances, students will be allowed to enroll in 492 and 493 in the same quarter.