Senior Project Archive

Students have the option to archive their final senior project through the UW Libraries ResearchWorks platform. By publishing your project through ResearchWorks, your work will have a permanent handle and you will be able to share your work with a wider public. 

If you decide to proceed with archiving, the publication of your project through ResearchWorks cannot be rescinded, and the project will be permanently available to the broader public. Your faculty advisor will also be listed. 

You are encouraged to discuss the implications of publication with your faculty advisor prior to archiving your project, and you and your faculty advisor will be required to sign a consent form. 

Past CHID Senior Projects are available in the Comparative History of Ideas collection in ResearchWorks.

Please email Dr. Annie Dwyer ( and Dr. Nick Barr ( with your signed ResearchWorks Consent Form. Submissions are accepted biannually on August 1st or February 1st.