For Faculty Advisors

Thank you for agreeing to advise a CHID senior project. Please sign the 493 form once you have agreed to work with a student and have established mutual agreements and expectations. We hope that you enjoy this process, and we always welcome your feedback.

Overview of the CHID Senior Project

A Note on Project Form

Many students may opt to pursue artistic or performance-based projects that do not result in long written papers. We encourage creativity, but regardless of the form projects take, students are expected to critically engage their topic. For creative projects, you may require that your advisee write a reflective essay at least 4-5 pages in length, in which they describe their process, discuss any inspirations or sources they used, and provide a description of/statement about the work, including the project’s significance.

Getting Started

  • Once you have agreed to serve as a CHID student’s advisor, sign the 493 form (your student is responsible for providing this) and offer your feedback on the students’ project proposal and work plan. Ask your advisee to make any necessary revisions to these documents prior to submitting their form to Cynthia (ideally), and at the latest, before the beginning CHID 493.
  • Establish an understanding of how you will work together: communicate your availability and limits as well as any basic expectations or requirements that you have for the student. Ask the student to voice their own expectations, as well, and be frank about what you can and cannot do for them.
  • Schedule your first meeting for the following quarter—aim for the first or second week, as the quarter goes quickly. 

During 493 (and 492, if applicable) 

  • Hold your advisee accountable to their work plan.
  • Meet with your advisee at least a few times over the course of the quarter: during these meetings, you might provide feedback and guidance on research/readings, writing, process, and so forth.
  • Give written and/or oral feedback on drafted material—and the opportunity for your advisee to respond to/incorporate feedback in their final work.

Grading the Senior Project

  • Grade and provide written feedback on the final project. 
  • Given the wide variety of projects that students produce, there is no standard grading rubric for 492/493. You can refer to the expectations that you established with your student before the beginning of the quarter, as well as of course the intellectual merit of their project, to determine a grade.            
  • If you are advising a 15-credit thesis: the grade for 492 should be submitted as an “N,” and will be automatically converted when the grade for 493 is submitted.

    Archiving the Senior Project

    Students have the option to archive their final senior project through the UW Libraries ResearchWorks platform. If you and your student decide to proceed with archiving, the publication of your student’s project through ResearchWorks cannot be rescinded, and the project will be permanently available to the broader public. You will also be listed as the faculty advisor on this project, and that this information will be made available publicly and permanently. 

    You must sign a consent form in order for your student to archive their senior project through ResearchWorks. We encourage you to discuss the implications of publication (for both you and your student) prior to signing the form. 


    Feel free to contact the CHID 491 instructors Dr. Annie Dwyer at and Dr. Nick Barr at, or CHID’s Advisor Cynthia Anderson at