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A published book, essay, chapter, edition, anthology, translation, or study.

  • Charlene Cuhaciyan, "Rooted in Thought," Flavigny, France
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Mitchell, Katharyne and Sparke, Matthew, 2016,  “The New Washington Consensus: Millennial Philanthropy and the Making of Global Market Subjects,” Antipode 48: 3. 724 –749   Publications, Essays American, Community, Critical Theory, Economics, Political Economy
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Careers: From a Path to a Landscape: Philip Thurtle at TEDxUofW Publications, Film/Video Education, Public Scholarship
Claudia X. Valdes + Phillip Thurtle, "Biofeedback and the arts: listening as experimental practice" This paper was presented at the REFRESH conference, First International Conference onthe Media Arts, Sciences and Technologies held at the Banff Center sept 29-oct 4 2005and co sponsored by the Banff New Media Institute, the Database of Virtual Art andLeonardo/ISAST. Publications, Essays 20th Century, Aesthetics, Media Studies, Music, Science and Technology
Claudia X. Valdes and Phillip Thurtle, "Mutations and Metamorphoses", at the Mutamorphosis Conference, Prague, Czech Republic Publications, Film/Video 20th Century, Body, History, Media Studies, Science and Technology
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