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CHID 496 B: Focus Groups

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F 1:30pm - 3:20pm
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Phillip Thurtle

Focus Group Description

Class Title: The Ethics of COVID-19
Student Faciliator: Ella Kaplan
Supervised by: Dr. Phillip Thurtle

Through this class I would hope to explore some of the narratives around the ethics of coronavirus. There is a kind of obvious dilemma facing humankind, the virus itself, but there are so many more sinister conflicts lurking below the surface. I really want to take the time through this course to discuss bodies in the time of coronavirus. For example, whose bodies are being tested in drug trials, how are trials being conducted, are there shortcuts being taken? Even further, if there is a substantially second wave in the fall, doctors are being asked to decide which patients will survive on the basis of the likelihood of survival. The consequence of this is that patients who have underlying health conditions, are older, or have some other disability are in a position where their bodies are being categorized in way that ignores their value to society. I want to explore what that categorization looks like. Furthermore, what that loss of life means for how our culture could potentially change, and has already changed. Finally, though I expect most students are somewhat aware of this reality, explore the ways in which COVID-19 is peeling back the underlying systemic racism and economic disparities that exist in the United States. This time, like no other, is demonstrating the classism of bodies in the United States. I really want to have conversations with my peers to explore and build an understanding of our country. We are exiting our college careers into this tumultuous time, and I hope we all want to exit with a deep appreciation of what this moment means for all people. 

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