Sardinia: Island Migrations, Health and Social Justice in the Mediterranean

Sardinia, Italy

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Summer 2016
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​UW-Bothell: 1/20 from 4-4:30pm (UW1-211B) Can't make it? Check the Archived Informational Webinar @

For many decades, Italy was a country of emigration. But open borders within the European Union prompted many eastern European Romani people (commonly and pejoratively known as Gypsies) to migrate to Italy in search of better lives. More recently, the world has also witnessed an unprecedented surge of refugees crossing the Mediterranean (a combination of legal and unauthorized immigrants, migrants, and asylum seekers), often landing on the shores or among the islands of the Italian peninsula.  Our program will be centered in Alghero, a city on the northwest shore of the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, (a global Blue Zone) where we will connect with Romani and immigrant communities struggling to achieve equality at the margins of Italian society.
Because immigrant and marginalized Romani communities face a life expectancy two decades shorter than the Italian average, we will also partner with local NGOs to examine the health consequences of social and material abandonment, introducing students to the interrelationships between migration, marginalization, urban planning, health, and resilience. This program is a collaboration among the UW Bothell School of Nursing and Health Studies, the UW Comparative History of Ideas, and University of Rome and Alghero faculty. *Please note the dates are between A/B term, running from July 9th-August 6th, 2016.

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CHID 471 A/BHS 400 (Health Studies): Migration, Marginalization, Health, and Resilience (5 Credits) 

CHID 471 B: Collaborative Methodologies: Ethnography, Civic Art, and Planning (5 Credits)

CHID 470 A: Romani Identity and Culture (2 Credits)

Fulfills Requirements
CHID Cultural and Historical Engagement
CHID Power & Difference
SSc Credit
A&H Credit
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