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Erin Brie Clowes

Legacies of Empires / Umbria Co-Director

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M.A., International Studies, University of Washington Jackson School, 2009

I'm passionate about the value of study-abroad for complicating student's perspectives and igniting their imagination for alternatives outside their "comfort zone." I served as International program co-director for the CHID Summer 2016 Sardinia program in Italy, Island Migrations: Health and Social Justice in the Mediterranean, which included working with refugee and Romani communities, was inspired by my previous work creating and co-directing the CHID Legacies of Empires program each winter, 2013-2016, with Ruggero Taradel from Italian Studies. Prior to that I co-directed the CHID program in Rome, Roma Eterna, winter 2012. I also supported several inaugural CHID programs in Northern Ireland, South Africa, and Cyprus. 

I earned my M.A. in International Studies through the University of Washington's Jackson School and I appreciate non-hierarchical projects grounded in the Frierian theory of education reform - an approach to education that aims to transform oppressive structures by engaging with marginalized people and drawing on what they already know.


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Spring 2016

Summer 2014 Full-term

Summer 2013 Full-term

Summer 2012 Full-term

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Legacies of Empires - Study Abroad in Rome, Budapest and Istanbul

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