Honors in CHID

There are three Honors Degree types available to students at the UW: Interdisciplinary Honors, Departmental Honors, and College Honors.  Read about them at Honors Curriculum.

Departmental Honors allows students to explore their majors in greater depth by completing upper-level electives, research, or an extended thesis. Departmental Honors also exposes students to a close working relationship with faculty mentors. Admission to Interdisciplinary Honors does not guarantee admission to Departmental Honors. Students must meet with a Departmental adviser to discuss the admission process specific to their program. Diplomas will read “with Honors in [major].”

CHID Departmental Honors Requirements

  • GPA: Min. 3.50 in all UW courses used in the major, min. 3.30 cumulative UW GPA
  • A 15-credit senior thesis (CHID 491, 492 and 493)
  • Two honors courses related to the CHID major (CHID 470-477 can also be used here)
  • You must demonstrate a reading proficiency in a foreign language by successfully completing the final course in a second-year sequence. Proficiency can also be established by passing a foreign language exam at the UW Testing Center. (See your advisor for other ways to demonstrate proficiency.)

Please contact the CHID Academic Advisor for details and options for these four requirements.