CHID Prague: Discovering Central Europe

Prague, Czech Republic

Next Offered
Spring 2016
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Information Sessions: Friday, October 9th, 12:30-1:30, and Monday, October 12th, 2:00-3:00. Location: Padelford C-101.
A medieval cultural capital located in the heart of Europe, yet for decades locked seemingly far away behind the Iron Curtain, Prague has a magical flair like no other. One of the things that makes Prauge special is its contradictions: it's both big as well as cozy, it's rich as well as poor, both "Eastern" and "Western," quiet and wild, old yet unmistakably reconfigured by the communist regime (1948-1989) as well as the capitalist system that replaced it.

The Prague program, which is one of the oldest CHID study abroad programs at UW, is all about immersing yourself in Prague and the other great Central European cities - Vienna, Krakow, Budapest, and Berlin, where we will go on four-day trips each - in order to develop a complex understanding of the dynamic historical, cultural, and political life of Central Europe as a whole. The program itself is strongly anchored in the philosophy of CHID: it combines academically rigorous seminar-style courses, international field trips aimed at provoking personal reflection and exploration, and cultural events that transform our program into a living community. We focus on key issues that resonate well beyond Central Europe: the tragedy of the Holocaust, the nature and impact of the communist system, the hopes and tensions of the European Union, and how coming to terms with the past is reflected in the cultural and art scene we witness today.

  • CHID 390: Collective Memory and Public Space (5 credits I&S, VLPA, W)
  • POLSCI 495/CHID 471B: Democracy and its Discontents in Central and Eastern Europe (5 credits I&S)
  • HSTEU 490/CHID 471A: East European Communism and Everyday Life (5 credits I&S, VLPA)
Fulfills Requirements
CHID Cultural and Historical Engagement
CHID Ideas in the World
CHID 390
SSc Credit
A&H Credit
Total Program Fees

*Note that the fees stated above include the CHID fee of $300 but do not include some additional costs, including, but not limited to: airfare, Study Abroad Insurance (about $60/month), and personal spending money. Remember that these costs will differ by program. Be sure to read our Fees, Financing, and Withdrawal information for details about the fee structure and payment schedule.