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A published book, essay, chapter, edition, anthology, translation, or study.

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  • Charlene Cuhaciyan, "Rooted in Thought," Flavigny, France
  • Anthology Project
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Phillip Thurtle, Biology in the Grid: Graphic Design and Envisioning of Life, (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2018) Publications, Books 20th Century, Aesthetics, Body, History, Media Studies, Medicine, Political Economy, Science and Technology, Visual Culture
Phillip Thurtle, "Losing My Wings: Supernatural Fables of Development", Laboratory of Critical Technics, Arizona State University. Publications, Film/Video Aesthetics, Body, Media Studies, Science and Technology
Peloff, Amy R. and David Giles. “‘I Have a Theory’: Using Fandom to Invigorate the Classroom.” In Fan Phenomena: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Bristol, UK: Intellect (forthcoming). Publications, Essays Media Studies, Popular Culture
Phillip Thurtle, "What Superheroes are Made of", TEDxRanier, 2012 Publications, Film/Video Body, Media Studies, Popular Culture, Public Scholarship
Phillip Thurle, "Supernaturalisms: The Magical Naturalism of Contemporary Media", June 6, 2009 --- Critical Digital Studies Workshops, Pacific Centre for Technology and Culture, University of Victoria Publications, Film/Video 20th Century, Comics, Digital Humanities, Media Studies, Popular Culture, Science and Technology, Visual Culture
Claudia X. Valdes and Phillip Thurtle, "Mutations and Metamorphoses", at the Mutamorphosis Conference, Prague, Czech Republic Publications, Film/Video 20th Century, Body, History, Media Studies, Science and Technology
“’The Acme Novelty Library’: Comicbooks, Repetition, and the Return of the New,” Co-authored with Robert Mitchell, Configurations, Vol. 15, 2007, 267-297 (actually published in March 2009). Publications, Essays Body, Media Studies, Popular Culture, Science and Technology, Visual Culture
Claudia X. Valdes + Phillip Thurtle, "Biofeedback and the arts: listening as experimental practice" This paper was presented at the REFRESH conference, First International Conference onthe Media Arts, Sciences and Technologies held at the Banff Center sept 29-oct 4 2005and co sponsored by the Banff New Media Institute, the Database of Virtual Art andLeonardo/ISAST. Publications, Essays 20th Century, Aesthetics, Media Studies, Music, Science and Technology