CHID Newsletter: Autumn 2019 Edition

Welcome to the Autumn edition of the CHID Newsletter. If pressed to identify a theme for the Autumn Newsletter, I would suggest “Critical Making”. This strange term increasingly describes the projects that our students create and the focus of many of the new classes we teach. Most CHID students and alumni are familiar with the term “critical” as we are used to describing our academic practice as “critical thinking”. The department is known for emphasizing critical reflection--a form of… Read more
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There comes a moment when analyzing and understanding the complexity of what currently is limits the possibilities of what could be.  In June, five professors and 20 students came together for this year’s Summer Institute of the Arts and the Humanities (SIAH), “Creating Alternate Worlds.” The professors consisted of Phillip Thurtle and Nat Mengist from CHID, Tyler Fox from CHID and HCED, and Audrey Desjardins and Heidi Biggs from… Read more
I got to experience CHID hospitality for the first time in Autumn 2006. As a new member of the Husky Marching Band, I was on campus nearly two weeks before the start of the term, I didn’t know any of the good spots on campus, and there wasn’t much student activity on campus yet. I had taken to wandering campus to scope out possible majors and hang-out spots, and I found out very quickly that Padelford Hall was…a maze. After peeking in dozens of offices without seeing people and taking what… Read more
What moves you to help others? Many of us care about social justice, equity, gender equity, and human rights. This helpful spirit certainly comes from a good place but we have to also be asking critical questions of our good intentions and what “help” means to people in the global south especially when it’s coming from those from the global north. These discussions are more important than ever in our complex and unequal world and these are the conversations we had while in Ghana this last… Read more
ZINES AND ZINEMAKING: THE RADICAL HISTORY AND CREATIVE FUTURE OF SELF PUBLISHED WORK Alwyn Mouton's focus group created a series of images to showcase their experiences this last Autumn Quarter. You can read more about Alwyn's work with the focus group in this article… Read more
Sasha Duttchoudhury began as an honorary Chiddie by way of helping to develop the Queer Study Abroad Resource and staffing the LGBTQ Communities, Public Health, and Migration in Mexico program under the direction… Read more