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Design, Aesthetics and Creativity in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Term Offered: 
Futuristic building in Amsterdam
Approximate Dates of Instruction: 
June 23, 2013 to August 22, 2013
Application Deadline: 
March 15, 2013

Application deadline extended to March 15th!

The Netherlands is a country, literally, by design. A Dutch approach to design is never simply about form or function; what motivates Dutch designers is the constant demand for creativity in facing complex social, economic and cultural problems. Following the Dutch model, our study in Amsterdam engages with design at multiple levels: we will read texts from fields as diverse as philosophy, design and communication theory, science and technology studies, art history, and science fiction; work with local artists and designers; and visit studios and museums. Students will wrap up their immersive experience by creating their own design projects.

  • CHID 480: Design Ecologies (5 credits)
  • CHID 390: Colloquium in the History of Ideas (5 credits)
  • CHID 471: Design Implications (5 credits)
Fulfills Requirements: 
CHID Cultural and Historical Engagement
CHID 390
I&S Credit
VLPA Credit
Total Program Fees: 

*Please note that this cost does not include some expenses, such as airfare, health insurance, and fees.

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