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A published book, essay, chapter, edition, anthology, translation, or study.

  • Charlene Cuhaciyan, "Rooted in Thought," Flavigny, France
  • Anthology Project
  • cover of book
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Kevin Y. Kim, “Against the ‘American Century,’ Toward a Third World New Left: The Case of Helen Mears,” Diplomatic History 43 (January 2019): 130–56. Publications, Essays Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, Global and Transnational Studies, Intellectual History
Sparke, Matthew, 2017, "Austerity and the embodiment of neoliberalism as ill-health: Towards a theory of biological sub-citizenship," Social Science & Medicine, Publications, Essays Global and Transnational Studies, Medicine, Political Economy
Sparke, Matthew, 2016, "Situated Cyborg Knowledge In Not So Borderless Online Global Education:Mapping the Geosocial Landscape of a MOOC," Geopolitics Publications, Essays Critical Theory, Digital Humanities, Education, Global and Transnational Studies
Sparke, Matthew, 2013, Introducing Globalization: Ties, Tensions and Uneven Integration, Oxford: Blackwell. Publications, Books Critical Theory, Economics, Global and Transnational Studies
Sparke, Matthew, 2005, In the Space of Theory: Postfoundational Geographies of the Nation-State, Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. Publications, Books American, Global and Transnational Studies, International Studies, Political Economy, Postmodern
Neither Here Nor There, Issue 1, 2015 Publications, Projects Autobiography, Biography, and Life Writing, Culture, Digital Humanities, Global and Transnational Studies, Nonfiction Prose, Novel/Prose Fiction, Race and Ethnicity, Service Learning