Another Quarter of CHID 101

Submitted by Sophia Choto on

We had a lot of fun Winter quarter!

This course is designed to introduce students to the CHID program—its philosophies, themes, intellectual and social stakes, general structure, faculty, staff, and student community. It’s constellated around guest speakers, readings, and class discussions. We collaborated with our partners at the Burke Museum, the Career Center, and the Office of Merit and Scholarships.

Some of the questions we asked together throughout the quarter were: what does interdisciplinary studies really mean?  How can a liberal arts education prepare you for your future? And articulated how students are the agents of their own education.  We also brought in our International Programs office and learned about all the incredible locations and programs of study that students can participate on while on a Departmental study abroad and we had larger conversations about global citizenship. 

Each quarter CHID 101 brings together the best students on campus and it is a privilege to work with them at the beginning stages of their CHID degrees as they began to create their focus and start Questioning, Critiquing, and Creating.



Cynthia Anderson, CHID Adviser

Tony Lucero, CHID Department Chair