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Winter 2018


CLIP Program: Critical Approaches to Race and Equity

Class Title Instructor Name
CHID 250C: Racialized Reproduction and Biopolitics of the State Saung, Jey

Gateways to CHID

Class Title Instructor Name
CHID 250A: Utopias Gone Awry: Conflict and Paradise in the Black Sea Region Childs, Mary
CHID 250B: Queering the Queer(s) in Film: Representation, Storytelling, and Archetypes Self, Jen
CHID 280: Indigenous Encounters Lucero, Jose
CHID 444: Eye + Mind: Art, Science, and Perception Thurtle, Phillip
CHID 480B: Animal Engagements: Writing and Talking with NonHuman Animals Hazard, July
CHID 480C: Racialized Reproduction and Biopolitics of the State Saung, Jey

Encounters Across Cultures

Class Title Instructor Name
AIS 202: Interrupting the Ongoing Psychological colonization of Indigenous People Fryberg, Stephanie
CMS 320: Mexican Cinema Steele, Cynthia
C LIT 320A: The Other Europe: Post World War II East European Fiction Crnkovic, Gordana
GWSS 374: Transgender Studies Swarr, Amanda
HSTCMP 205: Filipino Histories Rafael, Vicente
HSTLAC 325: Modern Mexico Freije, Vanessa
HSTLAC 482: History of Brazil Rodriguez Silva, Ileana
HSTRY 388C: Jerusalem and the Holy Land Walker, Joel
JSIS 478E: Eight Building Blocks of the PostWar World Migdal, Joel
JSIS D 317: Scandanavian Crime Fiction Nestingen, Andrew
NEAR E 287: Near East in Song Yucel, Melike
NEAR E 358: Islam in China Mawkanuli, Talant

Ideas in the World

Class Title Instructor Name
CHID 270A: The American Essay Simpson, Caroline
CHID 270B: Underworlds: Both Real and Metaphoric Henry, Barbara
CHID 459: Narrative Journalism Underwood, Douglas
CHID 498: Neither Here Nor There: Narrating Your Study Abroad Experiences Barr, Nick
CHID 498B: Experimental Futures: World Building in Science, Art, and Literature Thurtle, Phillip
C LIT 210A: Environmental Literature Handwerk, Gary
C LIT 396: One Thousand and One Nights Deyoung, Terri
HSTRY 288: Drinking and Prohibition Rorabaugh, William
HSTRY 388B: The American Presidency O’Mara, Margaret
RELIG 322: Gospels and Jesus Williams, Michael
RELIG 440: Angels Ahuvia, Mika
JSIS A 416: Nato Jones, Christopher
JEW ST 289: Adapting Arthur: Retelling the Story of the Once and Future King Oehme, Annegret
BIBHEB 206: Magic and the Bible Noegel, Scott

Power and Difference

Class Title Instructor Name
AFRAM 498: Black Power on College Campuses Levy, Latasha
ART H 309B: Picturing the West: Race, Place and Environment Baradel, Lacey
CHID 332A: Rehabilitation, Eugenics, and Institutionalization Discourses Johnson, Kristen
CHID 332B: Murderball, Savants, and Crip Art: Disability in Popular Culture Evans, Heather
CHID 419: Disability in Graphic Narrative Alaniz, Jose
CHID 433: Disability Law, Policy, and the Community Johnson, Kurt
GWSS 241: Hip Hop & Indie Rock Habell–Pallan, Michelle
GWSS 251: Gender/ Pop Culture Yee, Shirley
POL S 201: Introduction to Political Theory: Freedom, Economics, and Citizenship Turner, Jack