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Winter 2017

CLIP Program: Food, Environmental, and Multispecies Justice

Class Title Instructor Name
CHID 480A: Grappling with Environmental Destruction Lauren O'Laughlin
CHID 480D: Food for Thought Nancy Iff

Gateways to CHID

Class Title Instructor Name
CHID 205A: Method, Imagination, and Inquiry Leroy Searle
CHID 250A: Invisible Histories of Gaming Terry Schenold
CHID 250B: Craft of Writing Sarah Kremen-Hicks
CHID 250C: Utopias Gone Awry Mary Childs
CHID 250D: Critical Community Organizing Third Andresen
CHID 260A: Rethinking Diversity Caroline Simpson
CHID 480B: Animal, Capital, Power Will McKeithen
CHID 480C: Arctic Encounters: Indigeneity, Environmentalism, and the Politics of Knowledge Jason Young

Encounters Across Cultures

Class Title Instructor Name
HSTLAC 490A: How to Write a History of the Aztecs Adam Warren
HSTRY 388B: The Monstrous in the Middle Ages Charity Urbanski
HSTRY 388C: Lives, History, Memory: The Spanish Civil War Glennys Young
CMS 320A: Francophone Cinema Tamara Cooper
CMS 320B: Spanish Film Leigh Mercer
CMS 320C: Bollywood/Hollywood Sudhir Mahadevan
CHSTU 498A: Indigenous Knowledge and Public Health in Mexican-Origin Communities Devon Pena
HONORS 211C: Ways of Feeling: Expressions of Emotions Across Languages and Cultures Katarzyna Dziwirek
HONORS 221A: Evolution and Human Behavior Jon Herron
HONORS 231A: Jerusalem: From King David to the Crusades TBA
HONORS 231B: Middle East and Global Politics TBA

Ideas in the World

Class Title Instructor Name
CLAS 496A: Nero Alain Gowling
DANCE 490B: Musical Theater History TBA
GWSS 490A: Science Fiction Regina Lee
GERMAN 390B: The Human Animal Richard Block
CMS 302A: Cell Phone Cultures Stephen Groening
HONORS 211A: The Human Animal TBA
HONORS 211D: Karma and Free Will in Indian Philosophy TBA

Power and Difference

Class Title Instructor Name
CHID 270G: Margins and Centers Anu Taranath
GWSS 490A: Science Fiction Regina Lee
ANTH 469A: Anthropology of Migration, Displacement, and Return Michael Vincente Perez