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Winter 2016

CLIP Program: Food, Environmental and Multispecies Justice

Class Title Instructor Name
CHID 480C: Life in Excess: Waste, Want, & the Politics of Surplus David Giles
ANTH 311   The Cultural Politics of Diet and Nutrition  Anagnost, Ann S.
ANTH 369   "Trash, Sh*t, Dirt"    Lape, Peter V.
JSIS  478   The Real Cost of Food: Local and Global Issues    Lagos, Taso

Gateways to CHID

Class Title Instructor Name
CHID 205: Method, Imagination, and Inquiry Leroy Searle
CHID 250A: Critical Gaming: Intro to Game Studies Terry Schenold
CHID 250B The Craft of Writing Anne Dwyer
CHID 260A: Re-Thinking Diversity Anupama Taranath
CHID 480A: Photography and Violence Caroline Simpson
CHID 480B: Comparative Colonialism Vicente Rafael
CHID 480C: Life in Excess: Waste, Want, & the Politics of Surplus David Giles

Encounters Across Cultures

Class Title Instructor Name
AIS 275 Water is Life: Water, Health, and Ecosystem Services Among American Indians and Alaskan Native Lefthand-Begay, Clarita
ANTH 269 Introduction to The Silk Road Mawkanuli, Talant
C LIT 396D Contemporary Latin American Fiction Steele, Cynthia
C LIT 397B Japanese Anime and Animation Jesty, Justin C.
DRAMA 494A African American Theatre History Mihaylova, Stefka G.
HONORS 345A Pilgrimages and Idle Travels McCue, Frances A.
HSTAS 290 China in 20TH Century Dong, Yue
HSTAM 490A Reacting to the Past: Religion and Politics in the European Middle Ages Stacey, Robin C.
JSIS 484A Education and Family in Japan Arai, Andrea G.
JSIS 485A  Offered Jointly with Asian 498A Hindu-Muslim Literary Encounters Pauwels, Heidi R.  
NEAR E 296B Debates, Methodologies and Tools. Special emphasis on the Near East. Ketchley, Sarah

Ideas in the World

Class Title Instructor Name

ANTH 311 Cultural and Political Diet and Nutrition

Anagnost, Ann S.

ANTH 369   "TRASH, SH*T, DIRT"    Lape, Peter V.    
C LIT 396A  Freud and the Literary Imagination (W/German 390) Gary, Richard T.
C LIT 397A  History of New Media Groening, Stephen F.
COM 495B  Rhetoric of Religion Souders, Michael C.
HSTEU 290  Catholicism in Europe from 1900 to Present      Felak, James R.

JSIS 478B  The Real Cost of Food: Local and Global Issues

Lagos, Taso

Power and Difference

Class Title Instructor Name
AIS 475C  Interrupting the Ongoing Psychological Colonization of Indigenous People Fryberg, Stephanie A.
C  LIT 396B Cultures of Extinction: Contemporary Challenges to Diversity (W/German) Groves, Jason
DIS ST 430A Health and Medicine in Russian Literature TBA
DIS ST 430B Disability in Israel TBA
GWSS 290  Force and the Spectacle of Violence: From Ferguson to College Campuses Chandan Reddy
GWSS 490  Biology, Medicine, Ethics: Feminist Narratives TBA
GEOG 472  Race, Nature & Power Ybarra, Megan
HONORS 211A Love and Its Role In Resistance Movements Bushnell, Jeanette M.
HONORS 394A  Comparative Ideologies: Human Rights Movements Bright, Clare
HONORS 397B Real Talk Revisited: Care, Poverty, and Citizenships    Lawson, Victoria A.
HSTAA 290A Race and American History Jung, Moon-Ho
JSIS 478B The Real Cost of Food: Local and Global Issues Lagos, Taso
JSIS C  489B    Disability in Israel TBA 
LSJ 490A American Labor Studies and Law Melo, Tania R.
LSJ 490B Sexuality, Law, and Politics Adam, Erin Marie
SOC 401A Social Mobility and Social Justice: Luck, Effort, and Opportunity in the US in a Comparative Perspective Sonnenberg, Bettina