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Summer 2017

The following Summer Quarter courses fulfill CHID's major requirements: 

Gateways to CHID

Class Title Instructor Name
CHID 110A: The Question of Human Nature (Full Term) Terry Schenold
CHID 250A: The Politics of Life (A Term) Maria Elena Garcia
CHID 250B: Writing Widely (A Term) Caroline Simpson
CHID 250C: Zombies and Others: The Post-Apocalyptic Imagination (Full Term) Annie Dwyer
CHID 250D: The Wire as Theory: Social Science Fiction (B Term) Jose Lucero
CHID 250E: Superheroines (Full Term) Nancy Iff
CHID 380A: Theories in the Study of Religion (B Term) TBA

Encounters Across Cultures

Class Title Instructor Name
HSTAA 490A: Native American Diasporas in North America (Full Term) Patrick Lozar
HSTAS 490B: Modern China: From Empire to Republics (Full Term) Matthew Van Duyn
HSTCMP 290A: Indiana Jones and Archaeology in the Mediterranean World (Full Term) Arna Elezovic
JSIS B 333A/GWSS 333A: Gender and Globalization: Theory and Process (Full Term) TBA
JSIS B 335A/GEOG 335A: Geography of the Developing World (A Term) William Buckingham
JSIS 478A: Energy Geopolitics in East Asia, Japan, China, South Korea, North Korea, and Russia (Full Term) Scott Montgomery

Ideas in the World

Class Title Instructor Name
ATMS 211A: Climate and Climate Change (Full Term; Meets NW Requirement) Michael David Warner
CHID 370A: The Cultural Impact of Information Technology (A Term) Tanya Oishi
CHID 459A: Narrative Journalism (Full Term) Douglas Underwood
CHID 495A: Animation: Miyazaki and the Vitality of Media (Full Term) Phillip Thurtle
HONORS 220A: Natural and Cultural History of the Pacific NW (B Term; Meets NW Requirement) Maria Valdez
HONORS 220B: Landscape Change in the Pacific Northwest (A Term; Meets NW Requirement) Timothy Billo
HSTAS 490A: History of Islam in Colonial India (Full Term) Katherine Ann Blank
MUSIC 325A: Music in Cinema (A Term) Huck Hodge
NEAR E 230A/RELIG 211A: Introduction to Muslim Beliefs and Practices (Full Term) Terri Lynn Deyoung
NEAR E 266A: The Modern Middle East and Central Asia (B Term) Talant Mawkanuli
NEAR E 268A/JSIS A 268A: Introduction to the Silk Road (A Term) Talant Mawkanuli
NEAR E 429A: Islamic Mystical Literature in English (Full Term) Terri Lynn Deyoung
OCEAN 250A: Marine Biology (Full Term; Meets NW Requirement) TBA

Local/Global Engagements

Class Title Instructor Name
CHID 399A/399B/498A: Theory, Agency, and Change Internship Program (Full Term) Tamara Myers & Tara Fisher

Power and Difference

Class Title Instructor Name
ART H 309A: Art and Social Issues (Full Term) Kolya Rice
HONORS 230A: In Your Name: Education Inside Prison (B Term) Claudia Jensen
HSTAA 290A: Chicanos in the US (Full Term) Josue Estrada
HSTAA 290B: From Buffalo Bill to Avatar: Native Americans and Hollywood During the Long 20th Century (Full Term) Jonathan Bowdler
HSTAA 334A: Civil Rights and Black Power in the US (A Term) Brukab Sisay
HSTEU 290A: The Bloodlands: East Central Europe Under Hitler and Stalin (Full Term) James Felak
HSTEU 490A: Modern European Sexualities (Full Term) Bradley Thomas Horst
JSIS B 436A: Ethnic Politics and Nationalism in Multi-Ethnic Societies (A Term) Denis Basic
SOC 401A: Incarcerating America: Impact of Mass Incarceration on Individual and Community Health (Full Term) Marie Neumann
SOC 401B: Welfare and Society (Full Term) Anne McGlynn-Wright