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Summer 2015

Gateways to CHID

Class Title Instructor Name
CHID 110 The Question of Human Nature  Schenold, Terrence E.
CHID 222 Biofutures  Thurtle, Phillip S.
CHID 250 Animals, Ethics and Food: Doing Multispecies Ethnography Gillespie, Kathryn Anne
CHID 480/GWSS 490 Queer of Color Critique  Dwyer, Anne

Encounters Across Cultures

Class Title Instructor Name
AIS 340 Indian Children and Families  Million, Dian L.
ARCHY 270/CHID 270 Field Methods in Indigenous Archaeology Gonzalez, Sara
ASIAN 205: Literature and Culture of Japan from Tradition to Modernity Mack, Edward T.
C LIT 315B Francophone Cinema Cooper, Tamara
C LIT 315C Italian Cinema Mazzola, Claudio
C LIT 315D Indian Cinema Mahadevan, Sudhir
ENGL 315  Literary Modernism TBA
GEOG 310 Immigrant America: Trends and Policies from a Geographic Perspective  TBA
HSTEU 401 The Italian Renaissance O'neil, Mary
POL S 325 The Arab-Israeli Conflict   TBA

Ideas in the World

Class Title Instructor Name
C LIT 371A A Theory of Comics Alaniz, Jose
ENGL 302  Critical Practice  Cummings, Katherine
ENGL 315  Literary Modernism  TBA
GWSS 333 Gender and Globalization: Theory and Process  TBA

Local/Global Engagements 

Class Title Instructor Name
CHID 399/399/489 Local/Global Internships Tamara Myers/Erin Clowes

Power and Difference

Class Title Instructor Name
AES 389/GWSS 389/COM 389  Race, Gender, and Sexuality in the Media  Margaret Spratt
ANTH 269 Introduction to African American Anthropology TBA
POL S 317 The Politics of Race and Ethnicity in the United States  TBA
SOC 360 Introduction to Social Stratification   Denice, Patrick
URBDP 498A Grassroots Activism and Planning Practice Horst, Megan