Suggested Courses for Winter 2024

CHID 212: Critical Perspectives on Belonging in Western Europe Mackenzie, Louisa
CHID 250A: The Crafting of Elsewhere - Black Speculative Fiction Through Frantece, Brittney
Black Feminist and Queer Theories  
CHID 250B: Climate Change and The Emotions Dwyer, Annie
CHID 250D: Critical History of Immunity Romadhon, Dimas
CHID 250E: Black Sea Ecologies: Politics, Culture, and the Environment Childs, Mary
CHID 250F: Religions and Horror Films Ferauge, Elizabeth
CHID 250G: Southern Queers, Southers Fears Weatherford, AM
CHID 250H: Politics, Philosophy, and Public Health Seiler, Jessie
CHID 480A: Dream Work Chan, Christopher
CHSTU 332: Chicano Film Flores, Lauro
CHSTU 359: US/Latino Politics Wallace, Sophia
CHSTU 466: Chicano Fiction Flores, Lauro
AIS 335: Southern Lushootseed Language and Culture Hohn, Tami
BIO A 208: Sex and Evolution Hill, Alex
CMS 315: Robots and Virtual Assistants not listed
CMS 320: Arts and Culture of Contemporary Taiwan Chang, Ellen
CMS 321: PUNK Alaniz, Jose
C LIT 251A: Migrant Writers and Their Journeys Florczyk, Piotr
C LIT 251B: Epic Emotions Levaniouk, Olga
C LIT 361A: Early Modern Subjects - Don Quixote Gilbert-Santamaria, Donald
CHID 270B: Cultural Impact of Information Technology Ghosh, Aparna
CHID 370: Cultural Impact of Information Technology Rahman, Anis
CHID 395: Ethnography Otherwise Garcia, Maria Elena
GWSS 230: Feminism & Democracy Keating, Christine
GWSS 264: Intro to Queer Studies Ishii, Douglas
RELIG 315: Biblical Prophets Medill, Kathryn
Relig 440: Angels not listed
PHIL 346: Personal Values LaFore, Greta
HONORS 211C: What is Time? Understanding and Organizing Temporalities Colonnese, Francesca
HONORS 221B: Math That Lies Koblitz, Neal
HONORS 221C: The Science of Human Values Cole, KC
AFRAM 337: Music and Social Change Retman, Sonnet
AES 440: Race Archives Memory Nguyen, Linh Thuy
AAS 406: Asian American Activism Jung, Moon-Ho
AAS 335: American Indian & The Law Cote, Charlotte
ANTH 269: Anthropology of Love and Sex Radhika Govindrajan 
ANTH 302: Medical Anthropology & Social Justice Chapman, Rachel
DIS ST 384: Disability Geographies Thibault, Ronnie
DRAMA 365: Diverse Voices: Black British Theatre Mihayloa, Stefka
HSTRY 388A: War Stories Recording, Remembering, and Reimagining WWII Glenn, Susan
HSTRY 388C: War and Civil War in the US/Mexico Borderlands Coen, Ross
HONORS 211A: Aiuthoritarianism and it's Appeal in Ancient Rome Ritter, Michael
HONORS 211B: Diversity in the Middle Ages Aehme, Annegret
AES 442: Undocummented Immigrant Communities Pinedo-Turnovsky, Carolyn
AES 487: Environmental Justice Pena, Devon
AIS 305: American Indian Storytelling Teuton, Christopher
AIS 375: Apocalypse: Indigeneity, Health, and the Environment Smith, Jen
ANTH 345: Women International Economic Development Ramamurthy, Priti
ANTH 479B: How Does Climate Change Feel Saravia, Paula
GEOG 477: Displacement and Resistance McElroy, Erin
GEOG 495: Water & Social Power Alexandre, Kessie
LSJ 329: Immigrant Citizen Rights Arar, Rawan
PHIL 418: Power, Politics, and Propaganda not listed
HONORS 221A: DNA and Evolution Herron, Jon
AAS 206: Contemporary Issues Asian / Pacific Islander So, Connie
AAS 300: US/Pacific Islander Culture not listed
ANTH 369: Islam and Muslims in China Bilaniuk, Laada
ANTH 425: Focus on Ukraine  
ASIAN 207A: Haunted By History: Asian Horror Cinema Kim, Ungsan
ASIAN 207B: Authenticity & Its Discontents in SE Asian Translation Bahrawi, Nazry
C LIT 252B: Sagas of the Vikings Poyer, Lauren
C LIT 362A: Arab American Writers DeYoung, Terri
HSTCMP 250: Jewish Cultural History Pianko, Noam
HSTCMP 381: Queer and Trans History Marhoefer, Laurie
HSTAFM 314: History of Israel and Palestine Ben-Natan, Smadar
HSTLAC 280: Drug Wars Latin America Rodriguez - Silva - Ileana
HSTEU 234: Nazi Germany & the Holocaust Marhoefer, Laurie
JEW ST 250: Jewish Cultural History Pianko, Noam
MELC 229: Islamic Cultures Bandy, Hunter
MELC 311: The Archaeology of Biblical Israel Nichols, Corinna
HONORS 231A: Asian American & Pacific Islander Women Nguyen, Linh
HONORS 394B: Black Slavery and Indigenous Dispossession Smallwood, Stephanie
AFRAM 498: Science, Technology, and Race Rollings, Oliver
ANTH 401: Decolonize Museums not listed
ANTH 454: Women, Words, and Music not listed
ANTH 478: Anthropology of Prisons Van Eijk, Marieke
ASIAN 498: Epic Emotions From Classical Gr4eece to Contemporary India Pauwels, Heidi
CMS 303: East Asian Genres Braester, Yomi
CHID 495: Modern Lit: Russia's Big Books Alaniz, Jose
CHID 498: Gender and the Hindu Goddess Pauwels, Heidi
DIS ST 402: Disability History of the United States Woiak, Joanne
GWSS 390: Intersectionality: Visual Art and Popular Culture Judd, Bettina
GWSS 490: Digital Capitalism and Data Colonialism Dattani, Kavita
HSTAA 402: New England Witchcraft McNally, Deborah
HSTAA 406: Aisan American Activism Jung, Moon-Ho
HONORS 231B: Interrogating the Influence of Western Civilization on Care Pittman, LaShawnDa
HONORS 398: Human/Transhuman/ Posthuman Whelan, Jack