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Suggested Courses Winter 2013

Below are CHID's suggestions for our different major requirements from the courses that are offered around the University in Winter Quarter.

Gateways to CHID

Course Instructor
CHID 205 Method, Imagination, and Inquiry Leroy Searle
CHID 250A Beats, Bars, Breaks, and Music Video Third Andresen
CHID 250B A History of Superheroes Nancy White
CHID 250C Utopias Gone Awry: Conflict and Paradise in the Black Sea Region Mary Childs
CHID 250D Machines to Think with: Novel, Hypertext, Game Terrence Schenold

CHID 480A Adaptation

Amy Peloff & Nara Hohensee
CHID 480C The Wire: Race, Education, and Poverty Max Hunter
CHID 444 Eye and Mind Phillip Thurtle
Encounters Across Culture
Course Instructor
ANTH 361 Anthropology of Food Ann Anagnost
ASIAN 201: Literature and Culture of China: Ancient and Classical TBA
ASIAN 203: Literature and Culture of Ancient and Classical India Richard Salomon
ASIAN 411Buddhist Literature Collett Cox
C LIT 396A: Ancient Classical India Salomon, Richard
ENGL 315Literary Modernism Henry Staten
GEOG 302 The Pacific Northwest William Beyers
HIST 312 Science in Civilization: Science in Modern Society TBA
HONORS 211B: Indian Literature & Popular Film Pauwels, Heidi
JSIS 479A: Life in Israel (also NEAR E 496B) Sokoloff, Naomi
JSIS 479B: Return to Jerusalem in Mercy: The Messianic Dream in the Visual Art and Culture (also ART H 400B) Sabar, Shalom
JSIS 485: History of 20thC India Yang, Anand
JSIS B 254American Religions James Wellman
JSIS B 495: Sephardi Culture and Art before and after the Expulsion Sabar, Shalom
MUSIC 445: Performance, Power, and Identity in Africa Ellingson, Terry
NEAR E 496A: Central Asian Country Profiles: Uzbekistan Cirtautas, Ilse
PHIL 322 Modern Philosophy Paul Franco
POL S 310 The Western Tradition of Political Thought, Modern James Chamberlain
Ideas in the World
Course Instructor
ANTH 368: Hero, Monster, & Outlaw: Mythical Fugures & Cultural Formations Rhodes, Lorna
C LIT 323Studies in the Literature of Emerging Nations Naomi Sokoloff
C LIT 397B: Ecology and Cinema (also HONORS 211A) Bean, Jennifer
CEP 302 Environmental Response Julia Michalak
CEP 461 Ethics and Identity Mark Purcell
CHID 444 Eye and Mind . Phillip Thurtle
CHID/LSJ 332Disability and Society Joanne Woiak
ENGL 302Critical Practice Nikolai Popov and Carolyn Allen
ENGL 315Literary Modernism Henry Staten
ENGL 359 Contemporary American Indian Literature Carol Edelman Warrior
GWSS 333 Gender and Globalization: Theory and Process Serena Maurer
GWSS 455 Contemporary Feminist Theory Michelle Habell-Pallan
HONORS 394A: Comparative Ideologies: Human Rights Movements Bright, Clare
HONORS 394D: Exploring the Power of Music Pierce, Deborah
JSIS 490A: Megachurches Wellman, James
LIT 298: Literature, Culture, and the Environment Block, Richard
POL S 310 The Western Tradition of Political Thought, Modern James Chamberlain
Power and Difference
Course Instructor
AES 389/GWSS 389/COM 389Race, Gender, and Sexuality in the Media TBA
AES 487 Cultures and Politics of Environmental Justice Devon Pena
AES 498: Ethnopgarphic Methods in School Settings Bonus, Enrique
AIS 442 Images of Natives in the Cinema and Popular Cultures Charles Bloomfield
ANTH 369: Women, Migration, and Health Carney, Megan
ANTH 474Social Difference and Medical Knowledge  
C LIT 397A: Indians in Cinema Colonnese, Tom
CHID 332 Disability and Society: Introduction to Disability Studies Joanne Woiak
CHID 430/DIS ST 430: Disability, Literature, and Philosophy Goering, Sara
CHID 434 Civil and Human Rights Law for Disabled People Sharan Brown
HONORS 231: Encounters in the Heart of Darkness Speed, Clarke
HONORS 394A: Comparative Ideologies: Human Rights Movements Bright, Clare
HONORS 394B: Animal Planet: Food, Dwvelopment, and Activism García, María Elena
HONORS 394C: Teaching to Transgress: A Teaching Workshop McCue, Frances
HSTAA 374 Social History of American Women in the 20th Century (also GWSS 374) TBA
JSIS 482: American Indians and the Law Cote, Charlotte
LSJ 381: Global Poverty and Human Rights Fulmer, Amanda
SOC 292 Who Gets Ahead? Public Schooling in America Susan Pitchford