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When Islands Sing: The Human and Non-Human Resonances of the Faroe Islands

Seattle and Torshavn, Faroe Islands

Term Offered: 
Coast of Faroe Islands
Approximate Dates of Instruction: 
June 23, 2013 to August 22, 2013
Application Deadline: 
March 15, 2013

Application deadline extended to March 15th!

Halfway between Norway and Iceland lies the tiny archipelago of the Faroe Islands, where inhabitants speak an ancient dialect of Norse and have carved out a unique musical tradition based on the tones and practices of singing. This program examines the relationship between sound, language, and landscape, looking at language as one of many types of sonic encounters amongst all types of objects. When the waves crash upon the shore, when Faroe Islanders talk to each other, when the wind whistles across the rocks, and when birds mark their territories, the islands start to sing.

  • CHID 444: Eye + Mind (5 credits)
  • CHID 471: Europe Study Abroad (5 credits)
  • CHID 499: Independent Study (2 credits)
Fulfills Requirements: 
CHID Gateways
CHID Cultural and Historical Engagement
I&S Credit
VLPA Credit
NW Credit
Total Program Fees: 

*This cost does not include some expenses, such as airfare, health insurance, and fees.

Please note: a portion of this program takes place in Seattle. The program fee will not include a UPass, IMA access, or housing on the UW Campus. Students will need to make their own housing and transportation arrangements for the Seattle portion of the program.