The CHID Community makes The Husky 100!

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Congratulations to CHID student Peyton Goodwin, CHID minor and CHID Focus Group facilitator Wendi Zhou and former CHID Outreach Coordinator Sasha Duttchoudhury for being selected into this year’s cohort of HUSKY 100 recipients.

Peyton says, “Everything is connected – from global crisis to social media trends, to brain chemistry; and yet, many of us feel profoundly disconnected from ourselves and one another.  What if we could foster collaboration, empathy, and connection rather than competition?"

Wendi says, "My UW journey has been informed by—and in turn has significantly informed—my personal experiences, identities, and the communities I am a part of. I hope to ultimately work at the intersection of publicly engaged scholarship and reparative justice practice in a way reflective of my commitment to community."

Sasha says, “I applied to UW School of Social Work as a Masters student to better understand trauma, mental health, and the complexities of coping.  My work in the UW Resilience Lab and as an intern therapist at MEND Seattle has allowed me to help others expand their understandings of welling and capacity for hope.”