A Message from the Chair of CHID

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I’m writing as the chair of the CHID Department to let you know that the department stands in solidarity with the Asian American, Asian, and Pacific Island members of our learning community. Although horrifying violence born from racism, misogyny, and exploitation have long been a part of American history, the murders committed on Wednesday are especially harmful as they come during an intensified period of hate directed toward Asians and Asian Americans. I know many in our community are saddened, wearied, and angered by recent events. I also know that many in our community deeply care about what is happening and want to support those of us who need it. CHID was built on the recognition that learning happens with others; that it is a fundamental act of sharing, and that this type of sharing only occurs when all of us in the learning community are seen and cared for. Please let us know what we can do for you. You are important. Your voice and experience matter. 

- Phillip Thurtle