CHID Community News and Achievements, Spring 2019

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  • The CHID Alumni Advisory Board welcomed two new members, Marie Shimada (‘14) and Karan Grewal (‘16), and is saying farewell to longtime member Sunshine Eversull (‘06). Welcome aboard, Marie and Karan, and thank you for your many years of service, Sunny!

The board is excited to launch their new Alumni Mentorship Program to connect current students and recent graduates with alumni mentors. Are you interested in becoming a CHID mentor or mentee? For more information contact Marie Shimada at

  • Chelsea Keene (‘12) and Chris Olsen (‘15), the proprietors of The Cookie Counter, known as “Seattle’s Vegan owned & operated bakery & ice creamery,” are opening a new Capitol Hill location this month! Having started out as an ice cream truck, they opened a shop in Greenwood in 2014 and are opening a second shop in a shared space with Gay City: Seattle's LGBTQ Center, to which they donate 1% of all sales. Congratulations Chelsea and Chris!


Faculty & Staff

  • María Elena Garcia and Dr. Tony Lucero have been selected by The Latino Center for Health at UW for recognition for their scholarly achievements. At the 3rd Annual Latinx Faculty Recognition Event they will be honored alongside 31 of their colleagues from across campus. Congratulations ME and Tony!
  • Nick Barr and Dr. Amy Peloff are once again running their CHID Amsterdam program, but this time it will be co-sponsored by Student-Athlete Academic Services—our first partnership together since the South Africa program with Dr. Eugene Edgar in 2008!


2019 Husky 100

“In my lifetime, the global community must address pressing challenges that span the social, environmental, and political. I hope to work toward transforming institutions to better suit the world, as I imagine it could be. The UW allowed me to start that journey by researching in the Mediterranean and Argentina, planning conferences on leadership and trade, lead on boards and councils, serve as a mentor, a Resident Advisor, and organize student lobbying opportunities for the ASUW.”


2019 Undergraduate Research Symposium


Scholarships & Awards

Colin Wang Study Abroad Scholarship

  • Jenna Lee, $1,000 for “Weaving Stories: Textiles, Fabrics, and Feminism in South India” (Summer 2019)

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Emerging Scholars Awards
  • Amy Behar, $500 for “CHID Prague: History, Memory, and Human Rights in Central Europe” (Spring 2019)

MacRae Study Abroad Scholarships

  • Alexandra Browne, $400 for “Art and the Politics of Blackness and Indigeneity in Peru's Past and Present” (Summer 2019)
  • Daniel Fatehi, $400 for “Art and Innovation in Lyon” (Early Fall 2019)

CHID Student Research Awards

  • Aleenah Ansari, $250 for “Gentrification/Displacement in Central Area/Question of Responsibility,” advised by Dr. Daniela Rosner
  • Ananya Garg, $250 for “Poetry and Performance,” advised by Dr. Bettina Judd

John and Eleanor Toews Awards

  • Eyerusalem Dessie, $300 for travel expenses to attend the 2018 AfroTech Conference, San Francisco, CA
  • Emily Huber, $300 for graduate program application fees.
  • Alyssa Taylor, $300 for graduate program application fees.