“I am Mumtaz, I am Jody, I am Cynthia"

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A few of us were privileged to witness a powerful voice at Tasveer’s recent “Storywallahs: What’s In Your Name?” event: CHID’s own Cynthia Anderson! Cynthia was the first performer of the evening, and she left the large audience breathless until the end. Please watch:

Her performance was also just featured in a story in The Daily about the event (also with a nod to Anu Taranath!), and it will be included on a KUOW podcast. 

 “I am Mumtaz, I am Jodie, I am Cynthia, I’m all of these — these are all who I am, but I have to be true to all of them in order to be who I am right now,” she said. “So I can’t forget about Mumtaz, I can’t forget about Jodie, who lived in the orphanage waiting to get adopted, and I can’t forget about Cynthia, who has become what I am now because of all of these people.”

Congratulations, Mumtaz!

Cynthia Anderson is a CHID alum, 12 year veteran of the undergraduate advising world, and a Distinguished Staff Award winner.