CHID Graduate Alyssa Taylor ('18) featured by @UWArtSci!

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pc: UW College of Arts and Sciences

Alyssa Taylor has been featured as one of four College of Arts and Sciences graduates in order to "demonstrate the breadth and depth of the College while highlighting outstanding students."

Check out Alyssa's Spark page here:

Alyssa majored with a B.A. in CHID and a minor in Diversity, and is completing a senior thesis project titled “Decolonizing Healthcare: Colonial Legacies and the Health of Filipino Americans.” She participated in the Summer 2017 CHID Philippines program, which served as the inspiration for a creative project called "I’m a Barbie Girl, Torn Between Two Worlds," which was published in the online journal Neither Here Nor There. Alyssa is now taking steps toward her dream of a doctoral program in nursing.

Congratulations, Alyssa!